The 22nd of September marked the ninth World Rhino Day. We were in the Kruger National Park on the day, appreciating and enjoying the opportunity to see these wondrous creatures in real life in their natural habitat. Sadly, the scourge of rhino poaching is still very real and present, with South Africa losing a total […]

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Just as our Elephant started on its jaunty walk through the marshes, the nascent rays of the sun broke through the morning mist illuminating the beels scattered across the wetland in a golden glow. And there it was…standing tall and proud next to a much wallowed beel was our first rhinoceros, giving us an annoyed look at having walked in on him during his breakfast. Our Mahout moved the elephant closer to enable us to get a better look. We were so close now we could see the veins on his face and admire its formidable horn. Its back was slick with mud from its last wallow, and cattle egrets were having a ball hunting for treasure in the mud clots formed on its corrugated grey hide. The eye contact with us lasted a while in which my Nikon D7100 DSLR kept buzzing nonstop, till the rhino lost interest and resumed its meal….what a magnificent creature. There are about 3500 Great Indian One Horned Rhinoceros left in the wild today, of which Kaziranga harbors a staggering 2500, a figure that we totally believed after being overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of Rhinos that we saw over the next few days

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Guy Gorney, 64, of Manhattan, Illinois, is identified as the hunter in a shocking video who killed a sleeping lion Gomey shot the lion whilst it was asleep; waking after the first shot and then taking another 2 shots from his gun before it was killed. He made the pathetic excuse for killing the […]

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