Elephant Activist Reese Witherspoon Speaks Out Against Poaching…

At a reception at Tiffany’s to underscore Tiffany’s opposition to the use of Elephant ivory in jewelry and elsewhere Reese Witherspoon fresh from a shoot in South Africa decried the practice of poaching elephants and rhinoceros for their tusks and horns…

Actor Witherspoon is a well-known wildlife animal activist.


A zoo west of Paris lost one of its three Rhinoceros to well organized poachers. The carefully planned entry into the zoo and the Rhino enclosure was a surprise and shock to zoo administrators, staff and the public.

The valuable horn was removed from the dead White Rhino  and the criminals left without much of a trace.

Is there no limit to this nonsense for horn deemed useful and precious as a male sexual aid, popular in the orient, but scientifically proven to be as useless as ground fingernail to which it closely resembles?


South Africa Taking On the Poachers in Ernest!

After years of carnage, the number of rhinos killed by poachers is decreasing in South Africa. The dip is thanks to the sharp increase in arrests, according to the Dept. of Environmental Affairs’ Feb. 27 statistics update. The intensity with which the department approached rhino poaching is turning into something of a master class in…

via South Africa is starting to save rhinos from poaching by taking on international crime networks — Quartz

Global Wildlife Falls By 58% Since 1979 — Natural History Wanderings

The BBC reports Global wildlife populations have fallen by 58% since 1970, a report says. The Living Planet assessment, by the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) and WWF, suggests that if the trend continues that decline could reach two-thirds among vertebrates by 2020. The figures suggest that animals living in lakes, rivers and wetlands are […]

via Global Wildlife Falls By 58% Since 1979 — Natural History Wanderings

Most processed Rhino Horn ends up in China or Vietnam for consumption

Rhino Horn is basically composed of something very similar to our toe nails!. In fact its basically the same stuff as it relates to Rhinoceros.There is no magical ingredients in it, it does not assist males getting an erection, no possible benefit can come to its users by consumption. Yet, this ancient oriental medicinal  belief, probably conceived by virtue of the fact that  Rhino Horn looks in some ways similar to a male erection if you have a vivid enough imagination, became the stuff of Chinese folklore- that consuming it would enhance your sex life.  Wild Asian Rhinos have been extinct in China proper for a long, long time.

This false belief in the sexual benefits and the increased human usage of the powdered product has caused the price of Rhino Horn to reach hundreds of thousands of dollars per horn making it easy for oriental crime syndicates to recruit poor Africans and Asians to poach and slaughter this dwindling species for something far less for them  than the ultimate market price in South East Asia.

Unless we get some of the governments on side from the countries where this product is consumed the future  looks rather bleak for all the 5 species of Rhino, some of them already down to a few handfuls in number.


3D-printed rhino horns will be ready in two years, but will they save the rhinos? — Quartz

Africa’s wild rhinos are in danger of going extinct within the next two decades if demand for their horns keeps up. Proposed solutions have ranged from harvesting the horns without killing the animal to legalizing the trade, banned since the 1970s, to reduce the size of the black market. There may soon be a third…

via 3D-printed rhino horns will be ready in two years, but will they save the rhinos? — Quartz