Rhino Preservation Plan in Assam!

The following has been copied from the Seattle Woodland Park Zoo Blog. The Zoo is dedicated to preserving species, educating the public and protecting the environent that embraces all of us on the planet. For further information do yourself a favor and take a look at the Zoo website. Care * Inspire * Empower Posted […]

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Trophy Hunter/Killers!!!

Dedicated to icons as Cecil, Xanda, his brother and all wildlife, who lost, and still loose their precious lifes, by facing the destructive power of lead.

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A rich assortment of animals at Mokala — de Wets Wild

Just as with the birds we showed you 2 days ago, Mokala National Park has an incredible variety of four and six legged creatures on show. The large mammals are the easiest to see and photograph. During our 4 day visit in April 2018 we recorded over 750 different sightings of 30 different kinds of […]

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Happy African Wildlife-Viewing Holiday!

16 Days East Africa Happy Holidays Tours – Wild race Africa Premier Safaris in Kenya and Tanzania This 16 days Kenya and Tanzania happy holidays tour and adventure takes you to some of the world leading premier national parks and game reserves in Africa, Kenya and Tanzania on a combined East Africa Kenya and Tanzania […]

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Sad End to the Last Rhino of its Kind!

‘Sudan doesn’t know how precious he is. His eye is a sad black dot in his massive wrinkled face as he wanders the reserve with his guards.’ Photograph: CB2/ZOB/Brent Stirton/National Geographic What is it like to look at the very last of something? To contemplate the passing of a unique wonder that will soon vanish […]

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