What on earth can we do to help? It shocked and saddened me to the core when I heard a few days ago about the huge fires raging in the Amazon rainforest. Not only had I heard nothing about it on the news, I was also totally at a loss as to what was causing […]

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The world as we know it is burning; and the Amazon rainforest shares that similar trait, but what most don’t know is that these fires were illegally and purposefully made by loggers and cattle ranchers who use the “slash and burn” method to clear land. This problem has been ongoing since the 60s, and environmentalists […]

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This piece is part of a series of assessment submissions from Warwick Economics’ Introduction to Environmental Economics module for first-year students. Executive Summary Time is running out for orangutans. In 2016 the International Union for Conservation of Nature classed the species as critically endangered (Ancrenaz et al., 2016), one slip away from extinction. In the war of […]

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