Vietnam’s Wildlife Crimes Code!

Last update 07:30 | 21/03/2018 vietnamnet VietNamNet Bridge – On January 1, 2018, the 2017 amended Criminal Code with stricter provisions and heavier sanctions on wildlife crime took effect. Criminals can be sentenced up to 15 years in prison Criminals can be sentenced up to 15 years in prison and a pecuniary penalty of up […]

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Valley of the Elephants…

The Luangwa Valley was once called the Valley of the Elephants, and was estimated to have 250,000 elephants. The population plummeted and in 1989 was estimated at 18,000. Poaching and snaring have been aggressively controlled, and it is now stable at around 20,000, if not increasing. The Great Elephant Census* aerial survey, helped by the Nature […]

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Some of America’s Last Great Wildlife Migrations…

The New York Times had a recent op-ed about a rare worthwhile action by the Department of Interior The interior secretary, Ryan Zinke, recently directed the agencies in his department to work with states and private landowners to minimize development and disturbance in migration corridors and winter ranges used by elk, mule deer and pronghorn […]

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Northern White Rhino Male- the last one!

By RAELEIGH SMITH (contributing reporter) – Recently (March 19) Sudan the last male Northern White Rhino died, leaving only two females remaining. Rhinoceroses – of which there are five species – are the second-largest land mammal after elephants. The white rhinoceros consists of two subspecies: the Southern White Rhino and the much rarer and critically […]

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SOS, a grim warning carved out of a palm oil plantation…

Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic has carved a giant SOS message into an Indonesian palm oil plantation, as part of a campaign on the impact of such plantations on tribal communities and endangered species. The giant SOS signal, which the artist completed last month, runs for about a half-kilometre inside a plantation in North Sumatra, and can […]

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Saving the Forests of the Congo Basin—

The Congo basin play an important role in regulating the world climate. That is why the UN has approved a financial mechanism to curb deforestation. The countries of the Congo basin have been turning to other power for loans. Many projects have been given to partners who are not really concerned about global warming Many […]

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Elephant Orphanage!

I usually do more research on places that involve animals before I go, but my Sri Lankan friend said he was going to take me to an Elephant Orphanage and I really didn’t even consider that caring about the ethical treatment of animals is definitely more common in Western Culture. It never crossed my […]

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