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The Washington Post reports The Environmental Protection Agency has given notice to dozens of scientists that they will not be renewed in their roles in advising the agency, continuing a scientific shake-up that has already triggered resignations and charges from some researchers that the administration is politicizing the agency. Read full story at: EPA just gave notice to […]

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A leading Aberdeenshire Councillor has asked for the North East Scotland’s Fisheries forum, NESFDP, to examine the growing problem of marine polution from plastics and it’s implications not only for the environment but it’s impact on the Scottish seafood industry that sustains many communities in NE Scotland. “Currently there is an estimate that there is […]

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The Desert Sun has series of videos on what is happening to the Salton Sea The Desert Sun investigates the crisis of the shrinking Salton Sea, from its worsening dust storms to its disappearing birds. The lake is becoming a toxic dust bowl — nearly 15 years after California lawmakers promised to fix it. Watch […]

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A current hot topic is Plastic pollution, there is growing concern surrounding plastic pollution and with good reason, Microplastic has been reported in every major open ocean and many freshwater lakes and rivers (Rochman Et Al, 2015). What are microplastics and why are they a problem? The size of plastic pollution (Macroplastic – (>5mm), Microplastic – […]

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The LA Times reports Wildlife biologists say an alarming number of female desert tortoise carcasses found earlier this year just outside the southern edge of Joshua Tree National Park may be the result of mothers fighting extinction by exhausting their water and energy to lay eggs, even under stress. U.S. Geological Survey biologist Jeffrey Lovich, […]

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NPR reported on why seabirds are drawn to eating plastic The fact that sea animals and birds eat floating plastic has long puzzled biologists. Their best guess was that it looks like food. But the new evidence suggests that for a lot of birds, plastic actually smells like food. Read story at Why Seabirds Love To Gobble […]

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The status of 27 U.S. national monuments is being reconsidered. Leading nature photographers have created a free ebook to show you the beauty at risk. See this spectacular land. Then raise your voice to save it. Get the free ebook at Land Almost Lost Time is short. The comment period for Bears Ears ends May […]

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