My new report reveals that polar bears are doing well despite recent reductions in sea-ice. It shows in details why this is so, with summaries of critical recent research. Press release and pdf below. And read my op-ed in the National Post here.

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Arctic Fisheries Disappearing?

Why are Arctic fisheries under threat and about to disappear? Or, should we rather ask, why are so many arctic (marine) species under threat? The likelihood of Arctic fisheries disappearing increases when fishing is no longer possible and/or profitable. When the Arctic marine environment changes due to climate warming, a vast majority of Arctic marine […]

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What is causing the death of the polar bear as a climate change icon? Fat bears are part of it, but mostly it’s the fact that polar bear numbers haven’t declined as predicted. Western Hudson Bay polar bears around Churchill, Manitoba appear mostly in good shape this summer despite the very late freeze-up last fall, […]

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Sea Ice Breakup On Schedule This Year!

Relative to recent years and potential impacts on polar bear health and survival in Canada, there is nothing alarming in the pattern or speed of sea ice breakup for 2017, either over Hudson Bay, the southern Beaufort, or the eastern high Arctic. Last year at this time (see map below), there was more open water […]

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Lots of Polar Bears in the Neighbourhood

The hot polar bear news right now is the large number of sightings of bears onshore in Newfoundland and Labrador – even the CBC is impressed. All the bears have been brought to land by the abundant pack ice that’s been present off Labrador and northern Newfoundland (the territory of Davis Strait polar bears), which […]

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Polar Bear & Ice Stories

Another fat bear onshore in late winter, this time along the Quebec shore of the Gulf of St. Lawrence (22 March 2017) – and this time, one of the witnesses to the sighting took some great photos. Courtesy CBC News (Polar bear makes rare appearance on Quebec’s Lower North Shore 24 March 2017). Quotes, location […]

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