From CBC News late yesterday (28 February 2019) comes the news that a polar bear seen skulking around the homes of a small coastal town in Labrador this week has had residents on edge and authorities on high alert. If tragedy struck, the St. Lewis road was blocked by snow and the only way in […]

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A cub escapes deep snow by hitching a ride on its mother’s backside in Wapusk National Park, Manitoba, Canada. Photo taken by Daisy Gilardini, from Switzerland. The photo is one of 25 shortlisted for the People’s Choice Award in the latest Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition. Source: Wildlife Photographer of the Year – People’s […]

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Since early December, a group of 52 polar bears have terrorized the Russian village of Belushaya Guba on southern Novaya Zemlya. The aggressiveness of some of the bears, their boldness in entering local buildings and fearlessness in the face of the usual deterrents has caused the local government to call a state of emergency to […]

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