Large container ships like this one often run on heavy fuel oil, with a certain degree of dangerous sulphur. As of Jan. 1 Canada is lowing the amount of sulphur allowed in that fuel in the Arctic. B.C. Government Photo New rules cracking down on pollution from dirty, cheap marine fuel kicked into gear this […]

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Word that Russia is planning to generate a count of polar bears along its entire Arctic coast within the next few years is good news indeed, as it will resolve a long-standing gap in population estimates that have not been dealt with at all well by the polar bear community. Whether North American and European […]

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“She just wanted to say goodbye.” by Jad Davenport, National Geographic photographer and Churchill Wild Photo Leader We spotted the last of the wolves at dusk. I was driving a snow machine east through the willows along the Hudson Bay, toward Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge. In the komatik (wooden sled) behind me Swiss photographers Fabienne […]

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Polar Bears International is the non-profit organization that virtually rules the town of Churchill when it comes to informing naïve tourists about polar bears. A million-dollar donation last year guaranteed the creation of a new building to permanently display PBI-generated information in downtown Churchill – previously limited to those visitors wealthy or influential enough to […]

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