International film star, Leonardo DiCaprio gave unprecedented attention to the work of Dr. Rudi Putra’s Forum Konservasi Leuser (FKL) at Soraya Station in Sumatra.

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Human Wrongs Watch Once an emerging threat, wildlife and forest crime today has transformed into one of the largest transnational organized criminal activities, alongside drug trafficking, arms, and trafficking in human beings, the United Nations warned on World Wildlife Day 2015, on 3 March 2015* Beyond immediate environmental impacts, the illegal trade in natural resources […]

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until January 2, 2019. Happy Holidays! We wish all was well with the world’ wild animals…unfortunately not.

There has been a lot of publicity and campaigning involving Palm Oil recently, especially in relation to the mass deforestation and destruction of Orangutan habitats in Indonesia. An advert produced by Iceland was also banned as it was considered to be Political. What exactly is Palm Oil and why is it bad? Palm Oil is […]

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