Los Padres Forest News — Natural History Wanderings

From Los Padres ForestWatch Trump Administration Proposes Rollback of Oil Drilling Regulations in National Forests Weaker regulations would apply to thousands of acres in the Los Padres National Forest.Read full story Governor Signs Rodenticide Ban to Protect Wildlife and Pets from Poisoning he law will help protect mountain lions, bobcats, owls, and other wildlife in Los […]

Los Padres Forest News — Natural History Wanderings

Owls, Creatures of the Night — Jet Eliot

Giant Eagle Owl, aka Verreaux’s Owl, Botswana, Africa When the sun goes down and the night turns black this Halloween, there are plenty of wildlife creatures to send shivers up the spine. Owls, our most famous nocturnal creature, have serrated feathers for silent flight. They can glide right past you invisibly and soundlessly…all you know […]

Creatures of the Night — Jet Eliot

Spotted Eagle-owl — de Wets Wild

Bubo africanus The Spotted Eagle-owl is one of our most frequently encountered nocturnal birds, even in towns and cities where they can become quite confiding with humans (beware though that they will defend their nests ferociously!). They’re not very picky about their habitat and feed on an enormous variety of rodents and other small mammals, […]

Spotted Eagle-owl — de Wets Wild