This 24 November 2018 video says about itself: Oil Industry Cleanup Costs Vastly Exceed Alberta Government’s Estimates Regan Boychuk of Reclaim Alberta explains that Canadian taxpayers could ultimately be on the hook for hundreds of billions of oil industry cleanup costs.

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Ottawa Moves to Protect the Southern Resident Killer Whale Population!

A basket of ‘significant bold measures’ are being touted by the Canadian Federal Fisheries department to help protect the Southern Killer Whale pods.

The whales are at risk due to lack of Chinook salmon prey; noise from boats, ships and ferries and disturbance by same; and pollution contaminants.

Measures being implemented or considered are: buffer zones, fishery closures and whale sanctuaries…all long overdue!

$260 Billion Estimated Cost to Clean Up The Alberta Tar Sands

A regulatory document from the Alberta, Canada, energy authorities reveals a study estimating a cost of $260 billion to clean up the tar sands. One might wonder what the total revenue to the oil companies has been since the tar sands have been actively in production.

A flawed system of industrial oversight seems responsible, many warned of problems over the past number of years.

Extensive tailing ponds, and inactive oil and gas exploration wells, are all siting, waiting to be cleaned up, occupying a huge area in northern Alberta.