Center for Biological Diversity News Release BAKERSFIELD, Calif.― On the eve of a holiday weekend and during a global pandemic, the Trump administration last week approved a new oil well and pipeline in Carrizo Plain National Monument. It would be the first well drilled in the monument since it was established in 2001.

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Alberta has a huge problem with drill site clean up, and dicey deals shifting who pays. Mike Judd had enough, so the rancher fought and won. ‘Who is this company?’ asked Mike Judd of Pieridae Energy. ‘I had never heard of these guys. What happens if they go broke? Who will be responsible for the […]

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Ottawa on Friday announced a $750-million fund for cracking down on methane, which is sometimes flared off from oil and gas operations. Alberta Energy Regulator photo Canada is putting a combined $2.5 billion toward cleaning up thousands of risky, contaminated oil and gas wells and cutting a potent form of carbon pollution, Prime Minister Justin […]

via Trudeau pumps $1.7 billion into cleaning orphan and inactive wells — County Sustainability Group Photograph by Joel Sartore, Nat Geo Image Collection Read Caption The spill drove a push in science and some changes in regulations, but the dangers of offshore drilling remain. By Alejandra Borunda PUBLISHED April 20, 2020 The BP oil spill of 2010 started suddenly, explosively, and with deadly force. But the response has […]

via The Deepwater Horizon spill started 10 years ago. Its effects are still playing out. — “OUR WORLD” The Coastal and Marine Economies Protection Act would permanently ban oil and gas leasing off the coast of the Pacific and Atlantic Washington, D.C. – Keeping his promise to make sure there is never offshore drilling on South Carolina’s coastline, today Rep. Joe Cunningham introduced the Coastal and Marine Economies Protection Act. This bipartisan […]

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