“Phalaenopsis /ˌfælɪˈnɒpsɪs/ Blume (1825), commonly known as moth orchids,[2] is a genus of about seventy species of orchids in the family orchid. Orchids in this genus are monopodial epiphytes or lithophytes with long, coarse roots, short, leafy stems and long-lasting, flat flowers arranged in a flowering stem that often branches near the end. Orchids in this genus are native to India, China, Southeast Asia, New Guinea and Australia with the majority in Indonesia and the Philippines.” wikipedia These are […]

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The Town’s Conservation Committee recently reviewed and updated the Native Plant List and Discouraged Plant List for Portola Valley, and they will soon be incorporated into the Town’s Design Guidelines. Landscape design in Portola Valley should seek to preserve the qualities of the natural environment through the use of native plant materials and landscaping plans that provide a blended […]

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