The Great Wildlife Decline!

The GREAT DECLINE “The disappearance of wildlife species is perhaps the most pressing and serious of all environmental problems, threatening the loss of valuable natural services and, as a result, undermining human well-being. The already accelerating rate of species loss is set to become faster still, as existing pressures arising from human population growth, expansion […]

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Northwest Pacific Wildlife!

One of the most amazing parts of the Pacific Northwest, as least in my opinion, is being surrounded by wilderness and forests. Going out into nature is relatively possible all around the region, even in major cities like Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver! Sometimes, it’s as easy as going to a park like Stanley Park in […]

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Webinar on Urban Mountain Lions -May 15th…

There’s an exciting webinar coming up on May 15 that you’ll not want to miss. It’s being hosted by Sharon Negri of WildFutures, and it’s titled Big Cats in the City: Ecology, Behavior and Conservation of Mountain Lions around Los Angeles. For this webinar, Ms. Negri will interview Dr. Seth Riley. For 18 years, Dr. Riley […]

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More Threatened Species’ Protections to be Removed?

Center for Biological Diversity News Release Trump Administration Proposes Ending Most Protections for Nearly 300 Threatened Species Rule Would Eliminate 40-year-old Protective Framework in Major Gift to Polluters WASHINGTON— The U.S. Department of the Interior quietly sent a proposed rule to the White House on Monday that would effectively rescind most protections for nearly 300 […]

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California Wildfires…

ScienceDaily reports On the tail of California’s most destructive and expensive year of firefighting ever, it might seem obvious that vegetation removal would reduce the risk of such a year happening again. But scientists are showing that in chaparral, California’s iconic shrubland ecosystem, management can devastate wild bird populations and that fire-risk reduction is only […]

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Today, March 3, is World Wildlife Day. Since 2013, the United Nations has set this day aside to celebrate Earth’s incredible biodiversity – and to call attention to the ongoing mass extinction (Ceballos, Ehrlich, & Dirzo, 2017). This year’s World Wildlife Day is all about big cats. As such, I have prepared a special post […]

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Patagonia at its Best!

Welsh filmmaker Andy Lee is obsessed with photography and although he’s fascinated with portraiture, his recent focus has been landscape photography—traveling to three continents—taking stunning shots of planet Earth. His latest trip to Chile provided a breathtaking view of the soaring mountains of Patagonia—a spectacle seen by very few people. See more images via Patagonia […]

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