Combat Desertification and Drought One of the biggest and least understood environmental challenges facing the globe, desertification refers to the irreversible degradation of soil through human activities such as deforestation, unsustainable farming, mining and overgrazing. It occurs when trees and root systems that bind the soil are removed, exposing topsoil to erosion, and when unsustainable […]

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Elias Nanau | Post Courier | October 18, 2019 The Conservation and Environment Protection Authority (CEPA) has assured that the waters around the Basamuk area in Madang are safe and free of toxic contamination. CEPA officials gave the assurance yesterday following tests and conclusion of water samples tested at the Australian Laboratory Services in Brisbane. […]

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By Stabroek News Editorial- October 24, 2019 . News this week that transgressors had recently been caught performing illegal logging and mining in the Iwokrama rainforest should raise the ire in all of us. How utterly ignorant and selfish it is to choose to perpetrate these actions in an area set aside for conservation. The Iwokrama […]

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