Yellow-throated Plated Lizard — de Wets Wild

Gerrhosaurus flavigularis The Yellow-throated Plated Lizard is a medium-sized (45cm total length, of which two-thirds are made up by the tail) and very graceful reptile occurring in all South Africa’s provinces, being absent only from the arid western and central parts of the country, and northwards to Ethiopia and Sudan. They’re a diurnal and burrowing […]

Yellow-throated Plated Lizard — de Wets Wild

Lizards are one of the most diverse and remarkable creatures on this planet; there are 6,000 species living on all the continents except Antarctica. Here are some of my favorites in this two-part series. Although most lizards may seem vulnerable as fairly small soft-sided creatures, they are hearty and flourishing survivors. […]

via Lizard Land — Part 1 of 2 — Jet Eliot