Autumn Adventure: Flirtatious Lion — de Wets Wild

I can’t be sure of course, but I think this young lion we saw in March while visiting the Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park was only this charming because he wanted us to hang around for breakfast… Young male lion next to the road near the White Imfolozi River Young male lion next to the road near the […]

Autumn Adventure: Flirtatious Lion — de Wets Wild

Satara Summer 2021 – Big Cat Royalty: Lions! — de Wets Wild

The plains around Satara in the Kruger National Park is renowned as one of the best places in South Africa to see the most regal of cats, the Lion. It therefore wasn’t surprising that our visit in December 2021 yielded no less than twenty encounters with the Kings (and Queens) of the Jungle. Finding fresh […]

Satara Summer 2021 – Big Cat Royalty: Lions! — de Wets Wild

Satara Summer 2021 – 01 January 2022 — de Wets Wild

Happy New Year, Everyone! Today we had “lion fever” here at Satara – our paths crossed with those of four different groups of lions! The absolute highlight was getting to spend some time, up close and personal, with Satara’s famed white lion male. If today was an omen of things to come in 2022 it […]

Satara Summer 2021 – 01 January 2022 — de Wets Wild

Watching Lions — Jet Eliot

Every single moment of watching lions is a privilege. The pure power of this animal is inspiring. It is easy to see why they are one of the most widely recognized animal symbols in human culture. They are not, however, really kings of the forest, as the saying goes, because lions don’t live in […]

Watching Lions — Jet Eliot

This video says about itself: West African lion – Video Learning – 24 September 2015 The “West African lion” , also known as the “Senegal lion”, is a lion subspecies native to western Africa. Results of genetic research indicate that the Western and Central African lions form a different clade of lions and are […]


This video is called Lions Documentary National Geographic – The Kingdom of Lion. Translated from Leiden University in the Netherlands: African lion has two subspecies The traditional separation of lions in an African and an Asian subspecies is unjustified, says biologist Laura Bertola. In Africa two subspecies live. PhD defence on March 18th. Unique position […]


Wildlife photographer Greg Du Toit has captured powerful images of silhouetted animals in southern and eastern Africa to show “the mystery and intrigue of Africa.” Images copyright Greg Du Toit/ The animals, including lions, giraffes, flamingos, elephants, leopards, rhinoceros and zebras, are illuminated against sunrises and sunsets in a range of hues. The photos are […]

via Silhouettes of African animals at sunrise and sunset. — THE OLD GUV LEGENDS

Banner Image – Outrage over ‘unethical’ Botswana elephant hunt, Don Pinnock, Daily Maverick, 11 December 2019 Botswana has recently (2018) reinstated elephant trophy hunting (after a 2014 moratorium). However, this is considered a mistake by leading experts that will not help reduce human-wildlife conflict. Let’s look at the reasons elephants have expanded their ranges in Botswana […]

via “Echoes of Cecil” in ‘unethical’ Botswana elephant hunt — International Wildlife Bond