This 7 November 2016 video says about itself: St George, Alaska Berardius New Beaked Whale For over 60 years, Japanese whalers have observed an unusual form of beaked whale in northern waters. Called Kurotsotchi or “raven whale”, biologists considered it possibly a dark form of Baird’s beaked whale, Berardius bairdi. An international team of scientists […]

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While Japan continues its resumption of whaling, we’re still buying their cars!!!

Japan has an appetite for whale products, and it is marketers are selling to that appetite; also Japan thinks it is a good idea to use whale products imported from Iceland for pet food.
While all this is going on, we’re still buying Japanese-manufactured cars in huge numbers. Why don’t we stop doing this until we find a solution to the whaling problem.
After all, do we have to eat everything on earth?


Japan Resumes Whaling After Several Years…

Whaling again, albeit in a limited way, Japan is restarting its whaling program this summer to satisfy the appetites of those older people used to whale meat as a consumable. Japanese marketers are trying to grow the market and cater to younger people, as well. And we know the Japanese buy whale meat and by-products from Iceland to put into their canned and packaged pet food products. Nuts!


By Damian Carrington as published on The Guardian The huge loss is a tragedy in itself but also threatens the survival of civilization, say the world’s leading scientists Humanity has wiped out 60% of mammals, birds, fish and reptiles since 1970, leading the world’s foremost experts to warn that the annihilation of wildlife is now an […]

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Japan to resume whaling in July 2019

The Japanese government decided to resume whaling in July of this year, reasoning that the world whale populations have stabilized.

In it’s peak whaling year, 1964, Japan slaughtered 24,000 whales.  In recent years Japan has focused on Antarctic and Offshore Mink and other whale hunting. Japan also buys whale meat from Iceland.

Japan has been criticized recently for trying to grow the whale consumption market by promoting consumption to young people. Whale meat is also used for pet food in Japan.

People who are are concerned about this turnabout should support the boycott of Japanese manufactured goods; particularly motor vehicles and electronics.