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Did you know that every 15 minutes an elephant is killed by poachers for it’s ivory tusks? That’s nearly 100 elephants a day! With only 400,000 elephants left in Africa, there is a real possibility that elephants will go extinct in our lifetime if nothing is done to save them!Elephantopia is a volunteer-run 501c3 nonprofit with goals to Save Elephants and Build…

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AFRICAN PARK RANGERS ARE REQUESTING THE GOVERNMENT OF HONG KONG TO BAN THE SALE OF IVORY, a decision to ban by this government is expected to be made in 2017. The Ranger petition is against compensating the ivory hoarders by the HK government  fearing it will prompt a ‘run’ on ivory at the expense of the remaining elephant populations.

The Mainland China government is expected to ban local sales this year , too.

Both these important government decisions will go a long way to ease hunting pressure on the dwindling elephant populations in Africa and Asia.

China is the main market for raw ivory, subsequently made into trinkets and souvenir trash for the larger world markets…


For the Love of Elephants

“Charismatic megafauna”is a concept in science meant to explain why humans are drawn to certain creatures. Whales, giraffes, elephants and pandas are all animals humans create bonds with, whether we have ever see the animal close up or not.This bond typically develops in us as children as we are introduced to these animals through story books…

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Just a few days ago, we received the terrible news of Satao 2’s death caused by poachers in Tsavo, Kenya. Every loss of an elephant is horrific and incredibly sad, but the killing of Satao 2 is it even more so: he was one of the last big tuskers, a majestic bull with tusks reaching…

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Elephant Poaching Leads to 80% Population Decline In Gabon

ScienceDaily reports Poaching drives 80 percent decline in elephants in key preserve More than 25,000 elephants slain over a decade in Gabon park Central Africa’s largest sanctuaries have declined between 78% and 81% because of poaching, a new study finds. More than 25,000 elephants in Gabon’s Minkébé National Park may have been killed for their […]

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China Bans Its Ivory Trade — Natural History Wanderings

The New York Times reported China announced on Friday that it was banning all commerce in ivory by the end of 2017, a move that would shut down the world’s largest ivory market and could deal a critical blow to the practice of elephant poaching in Africa. Read full story at Bans Its Ivory Trade, […]

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2016 is ending on a great note for many of Africa’s endangered animals — Quartz

In a landmark move, China has announced that it will enforce a total ban on domestic ivory trade within a year. Shops must hand over their licenses to trade ivory by March 2017, China’s State Council says a complete ban will be in place by the end of the year. Under China’s new terms, auctions…

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