At least three suspected rhino poachers have been killed by a pride of lions after they broke into a game reserve in South Africa. Rangers discovered human remains around 4:30 p.m. local time on July 3 in the immediate vicinity of the lions’ territory at the Sibuya Game Reservein Kenton-on-Sea in the Eastern Cape, more […]

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Until we see them return for the lands and vegetation that we have encroached into when we settled in their habitat. When elephants leave their habitats for their watering holes, it does not mean, they have resettled. And so, we truly do not see this image all of the time in our minds. The gentle […]

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Introduction I am seriously excited about this Q&A. Vian Sharif is a truly fascinating individual whom I first learned about through United for Wildlife’s free, online course: Introducing Conservation. Ms. Sharif is currently a PhD candidate at the Imperial College of London and Imperial College Business School. She is studying behavior change in the context of […]

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Rhino Camp!

Back on the grid after being in camps for the last 8 days. It actually is nice to be completely cut off from tv, news, social media and any other distraction aside from amazing landscapes, animals and stars like I have never seen before in my life. “African television” is what our guides would call […]

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Africa’s Big Five!

It is a pleasure to share highlights of the classic “Big Five” animals of the African savannah: leopard, elephant, lion, rhinoceros, and buffalo. Here are a few personal experiences I have had with the Big Five. In an earlier era they were so-named because they were the five most challenging animals to shoot. Fortunately, […]

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