In Mozambique, researchers are racing to understand the genetics of elephants born without tusks—and the consequences of the trait.

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I subscribe to an elephant newsfeed (surprise surprise) and I often scan the headlines and move on but I stopped at this one when I learned that Paul Allen had died. Paul Allen in addition to being the co-founder of Microsoft, was also a philanthropist who donated millions of dollars to fund a variety […]

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Education For Nature Vietnam Reports Massive Ivory and Pangolin Scale Smuggling Bust at Hanoi’s Noi Bai airport, also rescues bears, Hawksbill and Gibbons, and reviews Ten Crucial Action Areas In Fight Against Wildlife and Forest Crime Education For Nature Vietnam is continuing to work effectively protecting wildlife, in addition to their education work their wildlife crime unit […]

via News Shorts — Wild Open Eye – Natural Vision, News from Wild Open Eye A few years ago, Botswana rightfully banned the coward’s pastime of trophy hunting and the country’s anti-poaching unit was the best in the region—if not the world. Members of the armed unit patrolled elephants’ habitats, while the country’s military was mobilized throughout the region, tasked with preventing poaching. In April, a new government took […]

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