Coinciding with its regional consultation with member states in Africa, CABI hosted a policy summit on invasive species in Gaborone, Botswana on 28 February. About 70 delegates representing policymakers, research, the private sector and civil society from across Africa gathered to learn about and discuss the impact of invasives as well as the technical and […]

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Nigeria’s Huge Wetland Under Siege, by oil spillage and other pollution.

Africa’s largest wetland and third largest drainage basin is being progressively destroyed by extensive dam construction, oil industry carelessness,  general human negligence and abuse — and sabotage.

The Nigerian delta has the highest biodiversity on the planet. At risk are extensive mangrove forests, fish breeding grounds, declining wildlife and human usefulness. The weakened system is becoming a banquet for  various invasive species.

Nigerians, pressure your governments to save your precious resources. Tourists, write, email or call the government with your concerns.

Nigeria is supposed to be Africa’s superpower. It should act like it.

Death Head Mushroom Spreading in British Columbia, Canada

The world’s deadliest mushroom has been popping up in Vancouver, Victoria and the Fraser Valley in British Columbia. This mushroom species accounts for 90% of the world’s deaths by poisonous mushrooms, it has been reported.

In B.C. it has been popping up in lawns and boulevards and is apparently spreading progressively along the south coast.

ScienceDaily reports Beech trees are dying, and nobody’s sure why: Intense effort underway to find culprit behind rapid disease spread A confounding new disease is killing beech trees in Ohio and elsewhere, and plant scientists are sounding an alarm while looking for an explanation. Researchers and naturalists in northeastern Ohio report on the emerging ‘beech […]

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