We missed the story last year about two men in the photo above, from southern India, who were brought to the Florida habitat where invasive pythons are doing enough damage that we started paying attention eight years ago. We are thinking about it again, thanks to the Guardian: Snake hunters have captured what they say is […]

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We never tire of hearing about new initiatives to eradicate this introduced species, and like the way the folks in Florida are thinking outside the box: Florida Needs a Lionfish King or Queen. It Could Be You. By JOANNA KLEIN Ladies and gentlemen, behold an opportunity to become maritime royalty. The Florida Fish and Wildlife […]

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By Andy Sheppard and Linda Broadhurst. Originally published on The Conversation. This week many people across the world stopped and stared as extreme headlines announced that one eighth of the world’s species – more than a million – are threatened with extinction. According to the UN report from the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services […]

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Central Appalachia reintroduced the species to restore wildlife habitat—and help devastated economies. Here’s what happened next. The camera wasn’t where it was supposed to be. Clad in chest waders and camouflage, Kyle Hill stepped into the pond, reached into the shallow water, and lifted it from the post where it had been mounted. “They got […]

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