press release Center for Biological Diversity Bee-killing Pesticides Banned in Hawaii, Idaho, Oregon and Washington Wildlife Refuges by Fish and Wildlife Service PORTLAND, Ore.— The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will phase out use of toxic bee-killing pesticides in national wildlife refuges in Hawaii, Idaho, Oregon and Washington by January 2016. The agency’s decision this month to ban […]

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The green-spotted triangle butterfly is one species documented in the Atlas of Living Australia. (Credit: CSIRO) by Natalie Muller DON HOBERN REMEMBERS spending much of his childhood looking at beetles and moths without knowing how to identify what he was looking at. What he needed was a good book – one with pictures, descriptions and […]

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The Guardian reports that fumigation for mosquitoes may have caused the mysterious “Havana syndrome” that had purportedly made U.S. diplomats sick. The Trump administration had charged that “cognitive ailments of Canadian and US diplomats were caused by use of a secret weapon.” Fumigation against mosquitoes and not “sonic attacks” may have caused the mysterious illness […]

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