In 2020, AP photographers captured a world in distress — THE OLD GUV LEGENDS

Swarms of desert locusts fly into the air from crops in Katitika village in Kenya’s Kitui county on Jan. 24, 2020. In the worst outbreak in a quarter-century, hundreds of millions of the insects swarmed into Kenya from Somalia and Ethiopia, destroying farmland and threatening an already vulnerable region. (AP Photo/Ben Curtis) Source: In 2020, […]

In 2020, AP photographers captured a world in distress — THE OLD GUV LEGENDS

Matabele Ants — de Wets Wild

Megaponera analis Matabele Ants take their name from the Ndebele-people of South Africa and Zimbabwe. Historically known as the Matabeles and led by their fearsome chief Mzilikazi, they broke away from Shaka‘s Zulu-kingdom in the early 1800’s, warring their way through most of northern South Africa with spectacular results. Matabele Ants are widely distributed over […]

Matabele Ants — de Wets Wild

African Migrant Butterfly — de Wets Wild

Catopsilia florella The African Migrant is one of the most widespread butterflies occurring in South Africa and can be found in every corner of the country in an extensive variety of habitats, reaching their highest densities in savanna areas. Adults are on the wing throughout the year. This species is well known for its migrating […]

African Migrant — de Wets Wild

Common Diadem — de Wets Wild

Hypolimnas misippus The Common Diadem is a large butterfly with a wingspan of 6 to 8cm. The males are distinctive with a velvety black and blue sheen and striking white blotches to the top of their wings, while the females are excellent mimics of the notoriously foul-tasting African Monarch, which supposedly aids in evading predators. […]

Common Diadem — de Wets Wild

Wahlberg’s Bush Cricket — de Wets Wild

Clonia wahlbergii I wish I was brave enough to put one of these insects on my hand and show you just how gigantic they are. But I am not… And my fear isn’t entirely irrational as these katydids, whose bodies measure up to 7cm without including any appendages in the calculation, are reported to have […]

Wahlberg’s Bush Cricket — de Wets Wild

Cacyreus marshalli The Geranium Bronze butterfly is a tiny (wingspan ≈2cm) but very well known inhabitant of most South African gardens, occurring in a wide range of natural and man-made habitats all over the country except in the driest parts of the Karoo and Kalahari. Their major larval food plants are from the geranium and […]

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During this time when we’re all thrown off our usual paths, most of us are forced, in one way or another, to look at our surroundings in a new light. During Covid, insects may not strike you as enlightening, but then again, they might. Here are a few insects I have seen […]

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Dessonornis humeralis The White-throated Robin-Chat is endemic to southern Africa, occurring in Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Swaziland and South Africa’s North West, Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga and Kwazulu-Natal provinces, where it inhabits savanna habitats and riverine thickets and feeds on insects, other invertebrates, and fruit. White-throated Robin-Chats are usually seen in monogamous pairs and breed in spring […]

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