In this curious graphic document, His Majesty King Don Alfonso XIII poses next to the Mysore marajá before an old and huge male tiger, in a hunt in India in 1933. Today there are very few tigers in that country. They were poisoned, tricked, cepeados and annihilated by the infamous poachers until almost extinction. The […]

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WWF applauds the announcement by Singapore, led by the National Parks Board (NParks), for a ban on all domestic ivory trade.This is an important step in closing Singapore’s domestic market for ivory and is the latest highlight in a series of events that showcase the country’s determined stance against illegal wildlife trade. This year alone, […]

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Top Experiences of Wildlife Photographer Blogger From India – Self Interview I had never aspired to become top wildlife photographer of India or Best Wildlife photographer of India. I am happy being interviewed on India’s leading newspapers and media sites like Times of India, Hindustan times, Aaj Tak etc. I habe been also listed as […]

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Man-elephant conflicts in Assam can be mitigated through proper education and by generating awareness on the issue. This was said by renowned Swiss documentary filmmaker Brigitte Uttar Kornetzky. “Only through proper education we can mitigate the rising man-elephant conflicts in a state like Assam,” she said. ALSO READ Laden, The Rogue Elephant Dead Brigitte Uttar […]

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