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The spotted wobbegong (Orectolobus maculatus) belongs to the Orectolobidae family, and is found in the eastern Indian Ocean around Australia; it is possibly endemic to this region. A relatively large shark (reaching lengths of up to 3m/9.8 ft), other common names are “carpet shark,” “common carpet shark,” “common catshark,” “tassel shark,” or just “wobbegong.” This […]

Spotted Wobbegong — EDUINDEX NEWS

By Safiya Hassan, GLOBUS Correspondent Fishing has quickly become one of Africa’s fastest growing industries, with fisheries found to contribute $24 billion directly to the continent’s economy, accounting for 1.1% of total African GDP. The growth in demand is thought to be spearheaded by China’s trade expansion, in its quest to feed its ever-growing population. However, this has […]

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