English Hen Harriers Face Extinction Risk — Natural History Wanderings

The BBC reported that Hen Harriers are close to extinction in England as the only two nesting pairs in the country failed to breed. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) said this is the first time since the 1960’s that the harriers have not produced even one chick. The RSPB blamed private […]

English Hen Harriers Face Extinction Risk — Natural History Wanderings

Big Win for Yellowstone Grizzlies — Natural History Wanderings

The Sierra Club reported Last week, the US Appeals Court of the Ninth Circuit ordered Endangered Species Act protections reinstated for Yellowstone grizzlies, effectively halting planned trophy hunts in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. “We’re thrilled with the court’s decision,” said Bonnie Rice of the Sierra Club’s Our Wild America Campaign. This is no time to […]

Big Win for Yellowstone Grizzlies — Natural History Wanderings

One third of all Lemurs on the Brink of Extinction — Natural History Wanderings

The BBC reports A third of all the lemur species on Earth are “one step from extinction”. This is according to the latest update of the Red List, the comprehensive, continually updated report on the status of species. Human activities, particularly deforestation and hunting, drive the declines in these unique primates. Read more at Extinction: One third […]

One third of all Lemurs on the Brink of Extinction — Natural History Wanderings

Black Stork — de Wets Wild

Ciconia nigra The Black Stork is a very widely distributed species, occurring in Africa, Europe and Asia, and globally assessed as being of least concern by the IUCN despite their populations coming under pressure from loss of habitat and hunting. Although occurring all over the country they are not particularly common in South Africa either […]

Black Stork — de Wets Wild

Since 2018, someone has been poisoning wolves and other animals in northern Wisconsin. Wolf Patrol believes it is bear hunters acting in retaliation for their hunting dogs killed by wolves in the very same areas. Most of the meat-laced poisons have been discovered recently on national forest lands in Forest, Florence and Marinette counties, exactly where […]

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Source: Buffalo Field Campaign “Here at SFTHH we have care and concern for all things wild as we would like to see our fellow passengers, on this Spaceship Earth, keep their rightful seats as being…WILD and FREE!” ~ R.T. We haven’t had too much to report from the field yet this season, but that […]

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In, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania and many other states, right now is coyote killing contest season. Once deer season has ended, many predator hunters take to the field, killing as many coyotes as they can with the use of electronic callers, night vision and assault-style rifles with thermal imaging scopes. In Michigan, only […]

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Olivia Hebert, Group 11, Mammal Panthera tigris altaica (also known as the Amur, Ussuri, Altaic, Korean, Manchurian or North China tiger) is the most dangerous, ferocious tiger in existence. They are solitary creatures and stealthy hunters. Tigers prefer to live alone and scent-mark their territories to repel rivals, but if their rivals do encroach on their […]

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