Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest officials say eight horses have been found fatally shot in the Heber-Overgaard area. They say the horses were found Friday with gunshot wounds by Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests Law Enforcement investigators on the Black Mesa Ranger District along State Route 260 between Payson and Show Low. Forest law enforcement and the Navajo […]

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by Charlotte Roe as published on High Country News Jonathan Thompson aptly calls out Bureau of Land Management Acting Director William Perry Pendley’s big lie about the “existential threat” to public lands (“BLM chief ’s wild horse fixation,” 11/25/19). Sadly, Thompson goes on to refer to the estimated 88,000 wild horses on public lands, stating that their […]

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by Nanticha Ocharoenchai as published on Mongabay A new study suggests that returning Wild horses to grasslands in Czech Republic could increase populations of some threatened butterfly species. In the Czech Republic, horses have become the knights in shining armor. A study published in the Journal for Nature Conservation suggests that returning wild horses to […]

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An open letter by equine advocate Charlotte Roe Fellow Wild Equid advocates, fans and partners; While the nation is riveted on impeachment hearings a vital part of our nation’s history is being threatened for its very survival. We can’t, won’t let up on this challenge. The BLM just rounded up 295 of the treasured Challis wild […]

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Source: Multiple “Opponents said it could ultimately put the horses at risk of slaughter…” Over the objections of wild horse advocates, Nevada’s Board of Agriculture voted Tuesday to transfer control of as many as 3,000 free-roaming mustangs in Northern Nevada to a nonprofit group. The board announced in October it was terminating an existing agreement […]

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by Carol J. Walker, Director of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation First published on Wild Hoofbeats I attended the Fifteenmile Wild Horse Roundup last week in a remote and obscure Herd Management Area outside of Worland, Wyoming. Very few people I know had even heard of these horses, and fewer still have visited […]

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by Craig Downer as published on HorseTalk On September 26, the US Senate Appropriations Committee approved $35 million for the massive reduction of America’s last and relatively minor wild horse and burro herds scattered throughout the West. Through an arrogant, misleading and hyped misinformation blitz, including the film Horse Rich and Dirt Poor, traditional wild […]

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