Notice that about 14 of the BLM’s “rationales”(the column on the far right) – lists the reasons the BLM gives for the roundups as wild horses or burros being on “private property” and a “public safety” issue. My opinion is that it sure seems like the BLM is using this “rationale” as a management tool […]

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By Jana Sepehr and Joe McCarthy as published at “Despite being such a small part of the planet, humans have been steadily destroying everything else..” When it comes to planet Earth, humans are very tiny. The weight of all 7.6 billion humans makes up just 0.01% of all biomass on Earth, according to a […]

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Introduction While preparing for an upcoming Q&A, I came across a remarkably thorough report about the illegal wildlife trade. The report is titled Analysis of Conservation Initiatives Aimed at Reducing Demand for Traded Wildlife in China and Vietnam. Written by Vian Sharif, it was commissioned by Stop Ivory for the Elephant Protection Initiative (EPI) and The […]

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10 Species that have been saved by Zoos!

Taronga Conservation Society Australia May 19, 2017 Taronga Conservation Society Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that leads in wildlife conservation, science and research and animal welfare. After being almost wiped out by disease, Australia’s tiny Corroboree Frog is being helped back from the brink of extinction by zoos like Taronga Zoo in Sydney Wildlife is in […]

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Australian Horse Cull?

The issue of how to manage wild horse populations in the Australian high country is a complex and vexed issue. The NSW government has recently released a draft wild horse management plan for Kosciuszko national park which aims to cut the population of wild horses in the park from 6,000 to about 3,000 in the […]

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The Great Wildlife Decline!

The GREAT DECLINE “The disappearance of wildlife species is perhaps the most pressing and serious of all environmental problems, threatening the loss of valuable natural services and, as a result, undermining human well-being. The already accelerating rate of species loss is set to become faster still, as existing pressures arising from human population growth, expansion […]

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Wild Horse Plan Would Guarantee Extinction, Pundits say…

By Kristin Hugo as published on Newsweek The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) recently proposed a series of options that would drastically reduce the number of mustangs on public lands. Some horse lovers think the plan would be too effective and wipe out the animals completely. The options include offering people $1,000 each to adopt a horse, reducing restrictions on adoptions—including allowing […]

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