This video from the USA says about itself: EPA Finally Discovers What’s Killing The Bees 10 January 2016 The EPA has concluded what is causing the phenomenon of Colony Collapse Disorder in bees. To no ones real surprise it was a chemical pesticide that has caused the mass die-off of this important species. Ana Kasparian, […]

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Insects decline in Germany!

This video says about itself: 5 September 2017 Due to a reduction in biodiversity, insect populations have declined in Europe by as much as 80%. Educators in South Africa predict the same fate for their country. From PLOS one: More than 75 percent decline over 27 years in total flying insect biomass in protected areas […]

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Hummingbird & Bees Stop For A Drink

Hummingbird and Bees. Commended, Open, Wildlife (Photo: 2017 Sony World Photography Awards) Image Credit: Photograph by Toshiyasu Morita of the United States. I photographed an Anna’s hummingbird and bees as they drank from a water fountain on a hot California day. Source: 12 breathtaking images from the Sony World Photography Awards | MNN – Mother […]

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California Leads US in Climate Change Policy

The New York Times reports on how California is leading the nation in implementing Climate Change policy. The Trump administration may appear to control climate policy in Washington, but the nation’s most dynamic environmental regulator is here in California. Mary D. Nichols, California’s electric-car-driving, hoodie-wearing, 72-year-old air quality regulator, is pressing ahead with a far-reaching agenda of […]

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EPA Gives Notice To Dozens Scientific Advisory Board Members  — Natural History Wanderings

The Washington Post reports The Environmental Protection Agency has given notice to dozens of scientists that they will not be renewed in their roles in advising the agency, continuing a scientific shake-up that has already triggered resignations and charges from some researchers that the administration is politicizing the agency. Read full story at: EPA just gave notice to […]

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Governors Brown, Cuomo and Inslee Form U.S. Climate Alliance — Natural History Wanderings

Office of the governor news release CA GOVERNOR BROWN, NY GOVERNOR CUOMO AND WA GOVERNOR INSLEE ANNOUNCE FORMATION OF U.S. CLIMATE ALLIANCE Brown, Cuomo and Inslee Will Serve as Co-Chairs, Urge Other States to Join Alliance SACRAMENTO – In response to President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, California Governor Edmund […]

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Wild Bees Are Important!

Open Space Trust has a post on the importance of Wild Bees. Here a few significant excerpts Wild, free ranging bees residing in natural open spaces are pollinating upwards of 39% of our crops in California. These wild bees contribute the equivalent of up to $2.4 billion a year to the state’s agricultural economy! There are about […]

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