It is a stormy day on the Chobe River as we head out in the tenders in search of African wildlife. While birds are sheltering from the rain the hippos are loving the wet weather. We spot a male hippo grazing on the banks of the river. When he sees us coming closer he trots towards the water […]

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Still Killing Elephants!

Look at the picture above. Somebody please tell me why some men see those majestic animals and their first thought is to kill them? I will never understand it, but then I am a lover of nature and do not seek to destroy that which I love. This week, Trump & Co, in their determined […]

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Sad Zoo Hippo Passing…

Henry, the father of the famous newborn hippo Fiona succumbed Tuesday, the Cincinnati Zoo announced.( Courtesy the Cincinnati Zoo) The father of the famous newborn hippo Fiona succumbed Tuesday at persons under the age of 36, the Cincinnati Zoo announced. Henry was struggling with health issues for months and had lost “hundreds of pounds, ” […]

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Endangered Species…

Photographer Tim Flach’s latest book Endangered, with text by zoologist Jonathan Baillie, offers a powerful visual record of threatened animals and ecosystems facing the harshest of challenges. by Katharina Kropshofer Common hippopotamus, Hippopotamus amphibius. IUCN Red List status: Vulnerable. In 2003, surveys showed that the number of hippos had dropped by 95% during eight years […]

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AMAZING ESCAPE! Hippo Saves Wildebeest from Croc!

This video from South Africa says about itself: Hippos Come to Rescue Wildebeest from Crocodile 29 August 2017 Timing is everything when visiting Kruger [National Park]… 72-year-old pensioner, Mervyn Van Wyk and his wife Tokkie, understand just how lucky they were to be in the right place at the right time! Related articles Porcupine outwits […]

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