It’s hard to believe that it’s already been one month since Elephantopia led the photo safari to Zambia – although, it’s taken nearly this long to just do a preliminary sort-through the *thousands* of pictures taken of our projects and our safari. Below I’d like to share a synopsis from my personal diary of our…

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RIVERS, the Nile- EWM

The River Nile runs for 4199 miles (6758 KM) from its source in Rwanda to Alexandria, Egypt, to the Mediterranean. Including the Blue Nile, it flows through ten countries (Rwanda, Uganda, Congo, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Eritrea, South Sudan, Sudan).

From highland jungle to desert, it is home to the Nile Crocodile, soft shelled turtles, poisonous snakes, hippos, a variety of fish (Nile Perch can weigh up to 175 pounds, tigerfish, lungfish, catfish, mudfish and eel).

It is habitat to many, many species of birds.

Important civilizations have come and gone along its route. Its route(s) have changed over many years, many times, and still today, it is the essential environmental factor wherever it flows.

Introduction While preparing for an upcoming Q&A, I came across a remarkably thorough report about the illegal wildlife trade. The report is titled Analysis of Conservation Initiatives Aimed at Reducing Demand for Traded Wildlife in China and Vietnam. Written by Vian Sharif, it was commissioned by Stop Ivory for the Elephant Protection Initiative (EPI) and The […]

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PART TWO… KRUGER NATIONAL PARK After spending five days on safari in Ingwelala Private Game Reserve with Emile Sprenger de Rover, Liza and Greg Parker it was time for Part Two of the adventure. Greg and I said our goodbyes to Emile and Liza and we headed out on a two-hour drive to the Kruger […]

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