The Telegraph reports The self-proclaimed “Pablo Escobar of the falcon egg trade” is facing another lengthy jail sentence after being caught at Heathrow airport with a stash of 19 rare eggs strapped to his chest. He had arrived in London from South Africa carrying two rare vulture eggs as well as others from rare and endangered birds […]

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A white desert flower in the Wadi Rum desert wilderness south of Amman, Jordan. The desert has been inhabited by many cultures, including the Nabateans who left paintings and writings on some of the rocks. Bedouins continue to live in the protected area.


The Salt Lake Tribune and Washington Post report on the how the government shutdown may interfere with the world’s longest continuous study of predators and their prey (wolves and moose). The shutdown will also interrupt relocating as many as 30 wolves to the Isle Royale National Park. Read article at The shutdown may snarl a 60-year study of wolves […]

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