Originally posted on The CABI Blog: By Giuseppe Mazza and Elena Tricarico, Università degli Studi di Firenze, Italy Mosquitoes are often the first species we think of when it comes to human health Invasive species are becoming a popular topic in newspapers: when articles appear, they mainly report the damages invasive species can cause to…

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By Kirk Mitchell as published in/on the Denver Post Drought, fire damage means more horses will die this winter, group says A herd of 800 wild mustangs have been able to cross burned areas of the Boone Draw wildfire to access water tanks set up for them, but advocates worry that the fire consumed grass […]

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Epomophorus crypturus, Epomophorus wahlbergi In South Africa we have two species of Epauletted Fruit Bat, often occurring together in mixed colonies and indistinguishable from each other in the field. These are Peters’s (E. crypturus) and Wahlberg’s (E. wahlbergi) Epauletted Fruit Bats. They’re distributed in the moist eastern parts of our country, with Wahlberg’s occurring from […]

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