Taiwan boasts one of the world’s highest densities of bird species. Of the around 10,000 varieties found globally, the country and its outlying islands are home to or provide resting spots for 663. This healthy state of affairs is due to blessings bestowed on Taiwan by Mother Nature and the efforts of organizations […]

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In, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania and many other states, right now is coyote killing contest season. Once deer season has ended, many predator hunters take to the field, killing as many coyotes as they can with the use of electronic callers, night vision and assault-style rifles with thermal imaging scopes. In Michigan, only […]

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Bats get a bad rap. Whether they’re in the belfry or portrayed as flying bloodsuckers in pop culture, humans generally don’t feel warm and cozy about the creatures of the night. “It’s absolutely true,” said Carolyn Callaghan, the Canadian Wildlife Federation’s senior conservation biologist, terrestrial wildlife, down the line from Luskville, Quebec. “We associate them […]

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DALIAN CONFERENCE, PART TWO. The 11th Asia for Animals conference, which took place in Dalian, China, brought together hundreds of delegates from all fields of animal protection, rescue, and advocacy. Focused on how laws can be used creatively to protect nonhuman animals, speakers talked about their successes and challenges, their hopes and their aims. Attendees […]

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Is it possible to make paper without trees? Australian entrepreneurs Kevin Garcia and Jon Tse were determined to find out. They spent a year researching a possible alternative that could serve as a viable raw material for making paper. “What if we re-engineer how paper is made that’s more in line with our environmental responsibility?” asked Garcia. Then Garcia read about a Taiwanese company making commercial paper out of stone and inspiration struck. A year later, in July 2017, they […]

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