by Carol Walker as published on Wild Horse Freedom Federation In two days, weather permitting, the Bureau of Land Management will begin the Fifteenmile Roundup, in the Fifteenmile HMA in northern Wyoming The nearest town is Worland. This HMA is very remote, little visited and boasts incredible rock formations, buttes, canyons, hoodoos and very colorful […]

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By Edie Adelstein as published in the Colorado Springs Independent “the Department of the Interior sold out America’s wild horses.” In this week’s issue, Bret Wright spoke to Ginger Kathrens, executive director of the Cloud Foundation, an advocacy group for wild horses. With Kathrens’ help, along with that of gallery owner and artist Tracy Miller, an […]

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The Colorado beetle, which threatens potato crops, is just one example of a pest which can be investigated using the Pest Risk Analysis Tool.CABI has launched a new product to help facilitate and improve the biosecurity of plants and plant products being traded around the world that are at risk of invasive pests such as…

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Celebrating National Wildlife Refuge Week! Thank God for the U.S. National Wildlife Refuges, say I! They are as much a refuge to me as they are to the wildlife, I think. My life is so much richer for them. Hats off to the founders, the designers, the rangers and managers. God bless them and the wildlife and habitat that they protect. Here’s what I have enjoyed recently!

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Center for Biological Diversity News Release Elfin-woods Warbler, Cape Sable Orchid, Black Pine Snake May Get More Safeguards WASHINGTON— The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service today agreed to decide if the elfin-woods warbler and 14 other imperiled species should get habitat protections or other safeguards under the Endangered Species Act. The agency’s agreement is in […]

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By Asher Elbein as published on The National Park Service is trying to rid the park of burros. But new research suggests that they may actually benefit native species Death Valley National Park is stunningly barren. Silt hillsides crowned with rock and scree give way to dry streambeds and barren salt flats, the air […]

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