With just 3,900 wild tigers (Panthera tigris) left, a new analysis was released today by TRAFFIC highlighting persistent tiger trafficking as especially serious, over two per week have been seized since the turn of the century

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The days of industrial scale hunting might seem like something from a bygone era. Surely, we’ve evolved as a nation? Think again. Odds are there’s an event planned this weekend in a town near you where wildlife will be slaughtered en masse. Across the country, barbaric contests aptly called “killing contest” are pegged as family […]

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Edmonton Area Couple Chastised for Lion Kill

An Edmonton-area couple, Carolyn & Darren Carter, drew heavy criticism for a recent photo that shows them kissing behind a beautiful, large, dead male lion that they had apparently shot. The couple had ben on a recent trophy-hunting safari in Africa, and they apparently make their living as taxidermists.
There seems to be quite a few people who think killing for fun is a good thing to do, and most like to brag about in their selfie photos.
It is estimated that only about 20,000 lions remain in the wild n Africa, only 6000 of these are males — leaving a small gene pool to populate future generations.

Trophy Hunter Who’s Killed 5000 Elephants Says It Gives Him ‘A Thrill’ By : Charlie Cocksedge On : 09 Apr 2019 12:45 https://www.unilad.co.uk/animals/trophy-hunter-whos-killed-5000-elephants-says-it-gives-him-a-thrill/ A trophy hunter who claims to have killed more than 5,000 elephants and 50 hippos says he has no regrets, and is ‘10,000 times’ unrepentant. A new report from the Campaign […]

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