The suspects were found with many wildlife items as well as tools and harvested agarwood. from Malaysiakini via IFTTT ##MalaysiaKiniEn

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The scariest moment of my life! Imagine trekking the deep dense Sumatran jungle and being chased by one of Bukit Lawang’s biggest male orangutan! Yep, that happened to us. A surreal and unique experience with unpredictable weather conditions and orangutans flying down from the treetops to get a closer look at another ape-like species. There […]

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Smithsonian reports To explain the exceedingly long life of the planet, the Smithsonian’s new fossil hall designers began with this arboreal wonder. Each yearly delineation on the sequoia’s surface is a small part of a far grander story that ties together all of life on Earth. Scientists know this as Deep Time. It’s not just on […]

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Xanthe Lewis-Hall, two years old, and her mother walk through a tunnel of trees down an old Roman Road on October 16, 2017, in Halnaker, England. Image Credit: Photograph by Dan Kitwood / Getty. Source: Images of the Season: Fall Is in the Air, Part II – The Atlantic

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Three days in Malaysian Borneo “I think that we are the luckiest people in the world,” my son announced as he tossed me an impish smile from the front of our boat. Yesterday, we’d been thrilled to find a pygmy elephant down by the river’s edge – our guide said it was the first he’d […]

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