The LA Times reported Save the Redwoods League raised nearly $16 million — more than half of it in four months — to close a deal for 530 acres of the Alder Creek Grove of giant sequoias. The century-old conservation group took title to the Sierra Nevada property on Dec. 30, realizing a long-held dream of […]

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Sequoia sempervirens the world’s tallest, living trees. There’s not much one can say about these incredibly beautiful, long-lived, resilient, fire-resistant and evergreen sky scraping giants! Even on a warm day the air within the forest stays reasonably cool. There’s really nothing else quite like it! The oldest tree at Armstrong Woods is believed to be […]

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Smithsonian reports To explain the exceedingly long life of the planet, the Smithsonian’s new fossil hall designers began with this arboreal wonder. Each yearly delineation on the sequoia’s surface is a small part of a far grander story that ties together all of life on Earth. Scientists know this as Deep Time. It’s not just on […]

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Xanthe Lewis-Hall, two years old, and her mother walk through a tunnel of trees down an old Roman Road on October 16, 2017, in Halnaker, England. Image Credit: Photograph by Dan Kitwood / Getty. Source: Images of the Season: Fall Is in the Air, Part II – The Atlantic

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