How Old are Joshua Trees? — Natural History Wanderings

Joshua Tree National Park reports Age is just a number… but for Joshua trees, we don’t know that number! Determining the age of Joshua trees has been a challenge. Joshua trees are part of the agave family and so they don’t have tree rings. Tree rings are the typical way scientists measure a tree’s age. […]

How Old are Joshua Trees? — Natural History Wanderings

Oaks of Ouachita Parish, Louisiana, U.S. — Wild Open Eye – Natural Vision, News from Wild Open Eye

I’ve always wanted to learn how to identify oak trees. I was amazed to see that we have more than 20 species here in our parish in Louisiana! Most of them are red oaks, the rest white. So much to learn! I’ve made some flash cards to help me get an idea of what to […]

Oaks of Ouachita Parish — Wild Open Eye – Natural Vision, News from Wild Open Eye

Eucalyptus species in South Africa are responsible for the loss of 16% of the 1,444 million cubic metres of water resources lost to invasive plants every year. Eucalyptus species are widely grown and utilized throughout much of the world, Dr Arne Witt reports. They are a valuable source of timber, fuelwood, paper, nectar, etc. and…

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Sequoia sempervirens the world’s tallest, living trees. There’s not much one can say about these incredibly beautiful, long-lived, resilient, fire-resistant and evergreen sky scraping giants! Even on a warm day the air within the forest stays reasonably cool. There’s really nothing else quite like it! The oldest tree at Armstrong Woods is believed to be […]

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