A yacht with a storm behind it in the North Sea off the coast near Craster.

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Found among the grasslands of sub-Saharan Africa, the serval looks like a cat on stilts. Immediately recognizable by its long legs and large, rounded ears, this graceful feline’s stretched-out look is perfectly suited to detecting and pouncing on prey in the tall grass. Capable of jumping 12 feet into the air, servals can nab fleeing […]

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Colorado River Touches Pacific for First Time in Years

Thanks to some innovative thinking, certain dams on the river have been allowed to spill over into the river providing enough volume to reach the river’s final destination — The Pacific Ocean.

Years of development in Colorado, New Mexico and California have pushed the demand for the Colorado’s river water beyond the river’s ability to keep up. Agricultural demand is the big draw off on the great river that created the Grand Canyon and other unforgettable features. A general western drought in recent years has not helped the situation.

But, hope is eternal!


Common Redpoll (Carduelis flammea) (file photo) Professor emeritus at the University of Vermont Bernd Heinrich studied the unusual behavior of a flock of redpolls (Carduelis flammea) in Western Maine Mountains. In his recently published findings, Heinrich said that the activity usually starts with one bird, but gradually others join in until the whole flock creates […]

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