By Ginger Kathrens & Charlotte Roe as published on The Washington Examiner Environmental travesties are on the rise, many obscured by the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the biggest ones will soon be taken up by Congress. In its long-overdue report to Congress, the Bureau of Land Management proposes capturing and removing 220,000 wild horses and burros over 10 years to achieve […]

via The Bureau of Land Management’s nefarious, brutal plan for Wild Horses — Straight from the Horse’s Heart

Red-throated Wryneck — de Wets Wild

Jynx ruficollis A member of the woodpecker family, the Red-throated Wryneck is a specialist species tied closely to moist grasslands with a meagre scattering of trees. They feed mainly on the ground, dining exclusively on ants and termites, licking them up with an exceptionally long and sticky tongue. Red-throated Wrynecks are usually encountered singly or […]

Red-throated Wryneck — de Wets Wild

Good News: Anti–Wild Horse Rancher Denied New Grazing Permit — Straight from the Horse’s Heart

Source: In Defense of Animals Private “Welfare Cattle” being herded onto BLM Antelope Complex in Nevada, while Wild Horse roundup was being conducted ~ photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation Recently we have been writing  about individual militant anti-wild horse ranchers who take up arms to intimidate government agents regarding public land […]

Good News: Anti–Wild Horse Rancher Denied New Grazing Permit — Straight from the Horse’s Heart

Cinnamon-breasted Bunting, South Africa — de Wets Wild

Emberiza tahapisi Cinnamon-breasted Buntings, or to call them by a previous colloquial name Rock Buntings, inhabit stony and rocky slopes and hillsides, rocky outcrops, dry rocky streambeds, bare stony patches and even abandoned quarries and borrow-pits in woodland, savanna and grassland, and are regularly seen foraging on road verges. They are mainly seed-eaters but include […]

Cinnamon-breasted Bunting — de Wets Wild

Illegal grazing decision rescinded, Steens Mountain Wilderness protected — Natural History Wanderings

Wildlife Guardians News Release A victory for public lands, wildlife habitat, and the rule of law. I’d like to share some good news for public lands, wilderness, wildlife habitat, and the rule of law. Just one day after WildEarth Guardians and our partners filed a lawsuit, the Bureau of Land Management rescinded a last-minute Trump administration […]

Illegal grazing decision rescinded, Steens Mountain Wilderness protected — Natural History Wanderings

Summertide Diary: Exploring iSimangaliso — de Wets Wild

19 January 2021 The Grassland Loop is the first turnoff from the main tarred road you reach after leaving Cape Vidal. And because we just love taking the backroads while exploring South Africa’s wild places that is invariably the route we opt for – it criss-crosses a variety of habitats (from forest to grassland to […]

Summertide Diary: Exploring iSimangaliso (part three) — de Wets Wild

The whimsical world of weeds: what’s in a name? — The Invasives Blog

Invasive weeds are everywhere – not just in our domestic gardens but on a grander scale on the grasslands of Kenya and Ethiopia as well as the Great Plains in the United States and Canada, including the world-famous Rocky Mountains. However, far from deserving a starring role in the latest Western movie, these ‘band’ of……

The whimsical world of weeds: what’s in a name? — The Invasives Blog

Senegal Lapwing — de Wets Wild

Vanellus lugubris The Senegal Lapwing, also known as the Lesser Black-winged Plover, is a rather uncommon denizen of open savannas and woodlands with a covering of short grass, being especially fond of recently burned veld, and prone to localised migrations as soon as the grass cover grows too long for them to easily find the […]

Senegal Lapwing — de Wets Wild

Wattled Starling — de Wets Wild

Creatophora cinerea Certainly one of our most social and numerous starlings, the Wattled Starling is also a nomadic bird that moves around in large flocks, following surges in insect numbers and seeding grasses, their principal foodstuffs, that often follow on good rains. They’re well known for following large grazing herbivores, eagerly pecking up insects disturbed […]

Wattled Starling — de Wets Wild

Message from Equine Advocates Take Action: Our Wild Horses and Burros Need Your Help The Bureau of Land Management is still working to get Congressional approval for its “Path Forward” plan. We at Equine Advocates (and Wild Horse Freedom Federation) strongly oppose this plan, as it is more of a path “backward” for our nation’s […]

via URGENT: America’s Wild Horses and Burros are on the verge of EXTINCTION — Straight from the Horse’s Heart