In many areas, Australia’s temperate zones and coastal ecosystems have been extensively altered, many wetlands have been degraded. Climate change, and introduced plants and animals (invasives), are the agents of the radical changes that are tearing through Australia’s environment. The result? Dramatic declines in the distribution and abundance of many species, with natural resources such […]

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From [John] Fleck has spent years studying the Colorado River, a crucial source of water for much of the region around it. He said that Lake Mead and Lake Powell’s reservoirs have what he described as “big bathtub rings” around them, left behind as the water declines. “There is less water in the system […]

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Anthus vaalensis An inconspicuous inhabitant of dry, grassy plains with patches of bare ground as well as open pastures and recently burnt fields, the Buffy Pipit subsists on a diet of insects and seeds. They are usually encountered singly or in pairs, occasionally forming flocks in winter. The breeding season in Buffy Pipits stretches from […]

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