Written by Inov Sectionov, IRF Indonesia Coordinator Of the five rhino species, the Sumatran rhino (Dicerorhinus sumatrensis) is the most in peril, with population numbers fewer than 80. These rhinos now survive in only very small and highly fragmented populations in Indonesia. The government of Indonesia has devised an emergency action plan to bring the […]

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One of the reasons I like Frans der Waal books so much is that he leads us to consider how we animals, especially us mammals, are alike in our talents. One of the great lessons taught by Einstein and Susan Oyama is that theory constrains what we look for empirically, so we had better pay […]

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Susie Ellis, PhD Executive Director, International Rhino Foundation Despite the innate drive to reproduce, some rhinoceros species are notoriously difficult to breed. Recent research published in Mammal Review takes stock of assisted reproductive techniques that have been used for rhinoceros species, noting that assisted reproductive technologies, once they are reliable, may play a vital role in […]

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by TOM KUGLIN tom.kuglin@helenair.com as published in The Missoulian The bill would have allowed private payment for expenses to trappers that legally harvest (Kill) a wolf in Montana. The Montana Senate voted down a bill Monday that would have allowed private reimbursement to wolf trappers. Senators voted 27-22 against House Bill 279 brought by Rep. […]

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