Luis Ferré-Sadurní (The New York Times) reports on the extensive loss of vegetation and wildlife in Puerto Rico’s rainforest, El Yunque National Forest. This has hit me hard, since I was just there this past August, and for the first time, I hiked up to its highest peak, El Toro (at 3,533 feet above sea level). […]

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ScienceDaily reports A stand of bald cypress trees in North Carolina, including one least 2,624 years old, are the oldest known living trees in eastern North America and the oldest wetland tree species in the world. They show evidence of severe flooding and drought during colonial and pre-colonial times. Read article at: Oldest known trees in […]

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Rhino Horn Smugglers Get Jail Time. Turtle Guide To Help Law Enforcement Updated. 94000 School Children Call For Bears To Be Released To Sanctuary! Progress In Schools and Legislation. An informal progress report from Education For Nature Vietnam

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David Bernhardt, Secretary of the Department of the Interior Source: Huffington Post By Chris D’Angelo The Bureau of Land Management, the federal agency that oversees more than 245 million acres of public land, has stripped its conservation-focused mission statement from agency news releases. Boilerplate language ― the bureau’s longstanding mission statement ― was printed at […]

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10 Spotted Owl Breeding Pair Remaining

Organizations in British Columbia are marshaling efforts to save the remaining  Northern Spotted Owl population, largely by captive breeding efforts. Also, authorities have granted authorization in the state of Oregon on a limited basis to shoot the invasive non-threatened Barred Owls in areas sensitive to the Northern Spotted Owl . TM

Northern Spotted Owl

Mexican Wildfires Impact on Mexico City

Over 4500 wildfires in Mexico cause an environmental emergency to be declared, as ash and smoke clog the city’s air. Mexico City has been in recent years rebounding from decades of seriously poor air quality, but now badly deteriorated again largely due to number of rural fires.

Smoke from some of these fires is drifting into parts of the U.S.