For centuries the Mekong River looked after herself, as she looked after us. Today, we must learn to look after her in return. We are all sons and daughters of the water. Charles Bautista

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The diversity of Australia’s birdlife is amazing, with over 800 species who live in every kind of environment. From the mountains to the mangroves, and from the rainforests to the deserts, Australian birds have adapted to almost every kind of environment. Spot the Galah by Gemma Deavin, Longreach, Queensland. Smiling in Flight by BryanLJ, Maroochydore, […]

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Source: Buffalo Field Campaign In the last two years the Interagency Bison Management plan (IBMP) has killed almost 1,200 bison in 2018 and 1,300 in 2017 Yellowstone National Park continues to capture wild buffalo inside their Stephens Creek buffalo trap, located in the Gardiner Basin. As of this writing, approximately 160 of the country’s last […]

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As anyone who reads this column knows, I grew up in the Finger Lakes region of New York. There’s eleven of these “fingers,” not ten, which is perfect, because it’s a region know for oddities. Abolitionists, Suffragettes, Spiritualists, Actors, Chicken Nuggets, Traffic Lights, The Curve Ball, Lacrosse, possibly Rickshaws, all sorts of odd things […]

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