Here’s a fact that illuminates many of the realities of global conservation: we know more about Burmese pythons in Florida – where they are a destructive invader – than about their lives in their natural range in Southeast Asia, where their numbers are plummeting and their very long-term survival may be up in the air. […]


Since I’ve been in Naples for eight months already, several people have asked me how I like it. Yet after each query I pause, perhaps too long, in an attempt to dig through my impressions for one that seems fair, truthful and objective. Sometimes, to better understand a place, you leave it. So while I […]

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The Revelator reports Study Finds Staggering Economic Benefit From Protecting Wetlands For example, in Florida, the loss of just 3% of wetland coverage resulted in $480 million in property damage during just one hurricane. Mangrove forests, marshes, and seagrass beds protect inland areas from storm surges and strong winds. Over long periods, coastal wetlands like […]

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Lance Richardson (The Guardian) writes about the tens of thousands of pythons in the Florida wild, attacking animals and damaging ecosystems. He explains how “the quest to stop them has become a collective crusade.” Here are excerpts: On a Thursday afternoon in St Petersburg, Florida, Beth Koehler crouches over a cairn terrier named Ginger, trimming intently […]

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