This 2015 video from the USA is called Eugenie Clark – The Shark Lady. From the Florida Institute of Technology in the USA: Newly discovered shark species honors female pioneer Squalus clarkae named for Eugenie Clark July 17, 2018 Eugenie Clark was a pioneer in shark biology, known around the world for her illuminating research […]

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A 561 -page exhaustive study points out a general deterioration of environmental conditions in Wood Buffalo National Park, home to the last large herd of Wood Buffalo. This is the largest Canadian  National Park  and is experiencing deterioration in ‘almost every aspect’, the report suggests.

Industry, dams climate change, natural cycles, all account for the decline, including a reduction in the amount of water to feed the large delta that is so much of a feature in this park.

Water from the large province of Alberta rivers is not flowing north to the park as has been the previous experience.

This is a World Heritage Site…

A report by Adam Smith and Ian McLeod for The Conversation. Coral reefs around the world are in crisis. Under pressure from climate change, overfishing, pollution, introduced species and apathy, coral colonies and fish communities are steadily deteriorating. Coral cover in the Great Barrier reef has declined by an alarming 50%since the 1980s. Some leading scientists believe that the Great […]

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Healthy estuaries support the vitality and livelihoods of coastal communities. We gather with friends at estuaries to go fishing, kayak and spend quality time with each other. But we don’t always show estuaries as much love as they show us. In college, I spent my days staring into my microscope at what can only be […]

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