The full title of this article by Jada Stewart (Global Voices) is “Tobago’s coral bleaching alert makes it clear there is ‘no alternative’ to fighting the climate crisis.” Stewart reports that the island’s reefs are on “Bleaching Alert Level One”—not good, as studies show that coral reefs protect around 90 per cent of Tobago’s shoreline from wave-induced erosion […]

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Barbados needs to act now to save its coral reefs! Marine Biologist at the Coastal Zone Management Unit (CZMU), Angelique Brathwaite, said the reality is that the situation regarding the island’s coral reefs is now “dire”, and all sectors need to come together to save them. “Our coral reefs are in serious trouble. Most of […]

via All Hands on Deck to Save Coral Reefs in Barbados — Repeating Islands A Supercharged Marine Heat Wave Is Roasting the Pacific Brian Kahn Friday 11:13am Image: NOAA Ocean temperatures have skyrocketed in the northeast Pacific, ushering in conditions reminiscent of 2015. In other words, the Blob is back, and it could spell trouble for wildlife and fisheries from Alaska to California, according to data scientists with […]

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