BY SARAH BATES A dramatically changing climate is threatening to destroy natural ecosystems, risks species extinction and the collapse of complex food webs. For some, the concept of “rewilding” is key to a sustainable future. They argue for changing landscapes to uncultivated states and introducing or re-introducing plant and animal species that should thrive in […]

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(CNN) — Je suis B. Instagram gained a new French influencer and her name is B. She does what all good influencers do — takes carefully posed selfies, posts enviable travel shots and answers cheeky Q&As. There’s just one thing that separates her from all the other influencers. She’s a bee. Just “check out that side bee…” That’s right. B. has two wings, six fuzzy legs, and a sweet little dusting of pollen all over her yellow and black thorax. […]

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Over half of the 147 tigers confiscated from the Tiger Temple – a tourist attraction where visitors could take selfies with the big cats – have died in captivity within the last three years, local media reported. The Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua or Tiger Temple, located west of Bangkok, promoted itself as a wildlife sanctuary that charged visitors […]

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Dozens of countries will push at a global meeting for regulations on trade in 18 types of shark and ray, with conservationists warning Thursday of looming extinction for many species. “Sharks and rays are pretty much unmanaged still in fisheries around the world and are disappearing before our eyes,” Luke Warwick of the Wildlife Conservation […]

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Numerous studies support the theory that climate change is contributing in an extraordinary way to the deterioration of the marine ecosystem. The scientists of Australian Research Council, at James Cook University, recently sounded the alarm after verifying that the Great Australian Barrier Reef is destroyed by leaps and bounds. The so-called “whitening” of coral is […]

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