Fly After Rain – Photography by Krasimir Matarov Photographed in Bulgaria I must admit I am absolutely fascinated by this photo. I’m mystified as to how Krasimir pulled it off. But to me there is some beauty in the shot even though its a fly after all. via Photo of the Day: Fly After Rain […]

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Polar Bear’s Sleep Image Credit; Photograph by Roie Galitz.All Rights Reserved. Ramat Gan, Israel Member since 2016 PHOTO LOCATION Eastern Spitsbergen, Norway In recent years, the ice in Svalbard melts sooner and sooner, and as ice melts the bears are reducing their activity to save energy and fat. This bear sleeps on his last snow […]

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Since early December, a group of 52 polar bears have terrorized the Russian village of Belushaya Guba on southern Novaya Zemlya. The aggressiveness of some of the bears, their boldness in entering local buildings and fearlessness in the face of the usual deterrents has caused the local government to call a state of emergency to […]

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NPR reports Every year, some 2.6 million birds are shot or die after they are trapped in illegal nets, according to the Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon. Among them are endangered, vulnerable and near-threatened species. Read story at For Migratory Birds, Lebanon Is A ‘Black Hole’ Where They Are Hunted, Trapped, Killed : […]

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