IMAGE CREDIT: Minden Pictures/Alamy Stock Photo The adorable striped possum is Australia’s little secret, by Bec Crew With its remarkable coat and strange little fingers, the striped possum is a peculiar fellow that few Australians are lucky enough to see. THE STRIPED POSSUM (Dactylopsila trivirgata) lives in a pocket of Australia, right up in the […]

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by Patrick Springer as published on The Billings Gazette “I hate to see them go,” MEDORA, N.D. — Tiffany Craigo followed a familiar animal trail that winds through the Badlands, confident that it would take her to a favorite hideout of the wild horses she spends much of her time tracking. She was curious as […]

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Prinia hypoxantha The Drakensberg Prinia is endemic to Swaziland, Lesotho and South Africa, occurring along the Drakensberg Range and its foothills from Limpopo Province to the Eastern Cape. The IUCN considers the Drakensberg Prinia a species of least concern. Some authorities believe it to be a subspecies of the Karoo Prinia. Usually encountered in monogamous […]

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Climate Change is Here and Now

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Extreme climate change is here
Graphic:NOAA“[M]ore than 1 in 10 Americans— 34 million people — are living in rapidly heating regions, including New York City and Los Angeles,” according to an analysis of 3,107 counties in the Lower 48 states byThe Washington Post.The UN“warns that if Earth heats up by an average of 2 degrees Celsius, virtually all the world’s coral reefs will die; retreating ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica could unleash massive sea level rise.”71 countieshave already hit the 2°C mark.Alaskais the fastest-warming state, the Post analysisfound.Higher winter temperaturesmade Rhode Island the first state in the Lower 48 whose average temperature rise eclipsed 2°C.“Other partsof the Northeast — New Jersey, Connecticut, Maine and Massachusetts — trail close behind.”Go deeper:Axios’ Kim Hart, “Rising global temperatures wreak havoc on urban…

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