As another new gold mine is proposed in the province, conservation groups are concerned its construction could decimate protected habitat for at-risk species in an area long-renowned for its angling and spawning habitat A springtime flood along the St. Mary’s River in Nova Scotia. Local conservation groups worry that a proposed new gold mine will […]

via A Nova Scotia ‘gold rush’ means more threats for at-risk Atlantic salmon, even in areas that are meant to be protected — County Sustainability Group

Large container ships like this one often run on heavy fuel oil, with a certain degree of dangerous sulphur. As of Jan. 1 Canada is lowing the amount of sulphur allowed in that fuel in the Arctic. B.C. Government Photo New rules cracking down on pollution from dirty, cheap marine fuel kicked into gear this […]

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New marine fuels introduced at the start of January could lead to an increase of the shipping sector’s climate impacts Arctic shipping is forecast to grow as melting ice opens up new sea routes. (Photo: Fiona Paton/Flickr) The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) is under pressure to regulate new shipping fuels introduced this month which may be […]

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by Erik Molvar as published on The Trump administration is stampeding ahead with a rewrite of the regulations implementing the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). This landmark law requires federal agencies to study—and let the public weigh in on—the environmental impacts of federal actions. Ironically, given NEPA’s central purpose of including the public in […]

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From Westword (Chase Woodruff): As Colorado steps up its efforts to reduce air pollution around Denver and across the state, a broad coalition of advocates and Democratic lawmakers are pushing for greater emphasis on “environmental justice” — and it starts with making sure that communities, regulators and industry know exactly what that is. “There is […]

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From Audubon Rockies (Abby Burke): Policy priorities for the 2020 Colorado legislative session. Colorado lawmakers returned to the Capitol on January 8th to kick off the 2020 legislative session. Even before bills were introduced, it was clear that the General Assembly will wrangle with issues that will touch every corner of the state and impact […]

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