WWF applauds the announcement by Singapore, led by the National Parks Board (NParks), for a ban on all domestic ivory trade.This is an important step in closing Singapore’s domestic market for ivory and is the latest highlight in a series of events that showcase the country’s determined stance against illegal wildlife trade. This year alone, […]

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Man-elephant conflicts in Assam can be mitigated through proper education and by generating awareness on the issue. This was said by renowned Swiss documentary filmmaker Brigitte Uttar Kornetzky. “Only through proper education we can mitigate the rising man-elephant conflicts in a state like Assam,” she said. ALSO READ Laden, The Rogue Elephant Dead Brigitte Uttar […]

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In Mongolia, where Denver Zoo has worked to reduce human-wildlife conflict and protect native species for more than 20 years, our Field Conservation team does a simple exercise with local community members to demonstrate the connectivity of ecosystems. We give each participant a photo of a native plant or animal species and wrap a long string connecting each person, creating a web. Then we remove a plant or animal from the web one by one, and they drop the string. First, the Mongolian thistle. Next, the argali sheep. Finally, the cinereous vulture. Soon enough, the web collapses.

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