There are so many pictures that we have taken of these countries. Just things that you won’t see at home. But that goes for anyplace. Since I’ve been at the Serengeti we’ve seen so many wild animals, but if it appears on National Geographic TV your going to spend alot of idle time waiting for […]

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With the kind permission and support of the Government of Zimbabwe, one of the largest wildlife resettlements in the country’s history will take place. The relocation of the 100 elephants is being implemented under the leadership of the Zimbabwean Parks & Wildlife Management Authority as a partner of the Sango Wildlife Conservancy and […]

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With record levels of global ivory seizures in 2013, mostly in ports, a new Interpol report highlights the need for greater information sharing to enable a more proactive and effective law enforcement response against trafficking syndicates. Large-scale ivory shipments – each one representing the slaughter of hundreds of elephants – point to the involvement of […]

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This article is brought to you thanks to the strategic cooperation of The European Sting with the World Economic Forum. Author: Emma Charlton, Writer Margarine, chocolate, shampoo, soap – these are just some of the everyday products we use that contain palm oil. Image: IUCN Oil Palm Task Force It’s a topic that’s become increasingly controversial with scientists saying […]

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The Joy, For Some, of Killing-but not for me!


Former King of Spain, Juan Carlos. Elephant shot while he was titular head of the Spanish WWF

Wild Horses are a popular game for some


Magnificent dead male lion with great white hunter gloating behind

You know, I just don’t get the fun of killing innocent animals! Do you?