I almost called this page “Juneau What?” but decided against it. We met our tour group out near the Welcome to Juneau sign, I think. We were taking a bus to the whale watching boat, then going to Mendenhall Glacier. The whole process was uneventful so I have nothing interesting to say about it. We […]

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The Lower Zambezi National Park of Zambia is still relatively undeveloped, it’s beauty lying in it’s wilderness state. The diversity of animals is not as wide as the other big parks, but the opportunities to get close to game wandering in and out of the Zambezi channels are spectacular. The Park lies opposite the famous […]

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[ad_1] The vehicle that hit the giraffe held 13 visitors passing through the park on their way to a rest camp. After being struck, the giraffe fell on an oncoming tourist rental vehicle driven by a Swiss national. The collision killed the giraffe and left the driver seriously injured. He later died in the hospital […]

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“She just wanted to say goodbye.” by Jad Davenport, National Geographic photographer and Churchill Wild Photo Leader We spotted the last of the wolves at dusk. I was driving a snow machine east through the willows along the Hudson Bay, toward Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge. In the komatik (wooden sled) behind me Swiss photographers Fabienne […]

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Birding in Queen Elizabeth National Park is an incredible treat to do on your Africa safari holiday in Uganda. A Uganda birding safari gives you the chance to explore bird species in Uganda’s most popular and most scenic National Park that contains a variety of habitats that range from savanna to wetlands to lowland forests. […]

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