Take Action To Save Wild Horses…

Last Chance to Call Congress to Save Our Wild Horse and Burros on Take Action Tuesday Congress is set to vote this week on the Spending Bill for 2018. The House’s version calls for killing 45,000 wild horses and burros in holding facilities and an additional 45,000 wild horses and burros deemed “excess” that are […]

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Wild Horses Need Your Help!

“Our good friends and partners at Equine Advocates beat us to the punch on this news blast so we are re-blogging it here asking you to be the voice of the voiceless. Let’s dig in and get this done…it may be our last chance!!!” ~ R.T. The Lives of Wild & Domestic Equines Are Hanging […]

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Wild Buffalo Harvest?

Source: BuffaloFieldCampaign.org “Sadly, ignoring public opinion and strong statements made with direct action, Yellowstone insists on catering only to Montana livestock interests and is still sending buffalo to slaughter.” Last Wednesday morning, two people with the direct action collective Wild Buffalo Defense locked down to the “Silencer,” the squeeze chute located inside Yellowstone National Park’s […]

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Wild Burrows at risk, too!

As a charter member of The Alliance to Save Wild Horses & Burros, Wild Horse Freedom Federation joins The Cloud Foundation and In Defense of Animals in highlighting the understated danger that Wild Burros face from both Federal and State agencies hell-bent on exterminating the Burro from it’s rightful range.

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Alliance to Save America’s Wild Horses & Burros Announces Prominent Ad-Buy to Fight Against Horse Slaughter — Straight from the Horse’s Heart

By Brad Bennett , in The Daily Telescope The Politico advertisement placed by The Alliance to Save America’s Wild Horses & Burros. Not only is horse slaughter grossly inhumane, cruel to horses & a waste of taxpayer dollars, unregulated horse meat is a risk to the safety of our public health. We are deeply encouraged […]

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The Three Great Myths about America’s Wild Horses

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One of the favorite tools used by the cattle industry to push competing grazing animals off the lands they covet is that of supporting outright myths and also funding questionably designed studies and then promoting the highly questionable results.

photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Throughout American history, the cattle industry has been for the most part unreasonable to other livestock producers. The American range and Sheep Wars of the 18th and early 19th centuries are clear evidence of this statement, as is outlined in this summary:

Wikipedia: The Sheep Wars, or the Sheep and Cattle Wars, refers to a series of armed conflicts in the Western United States which were fought between sheepmen and cattlemen over grazing rights. Sheep wars occurred in many western states though they were most common in Texas, Arizona and the border region of…

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On Guard for Thee? Wild horses don’t think so!

By Chris Krupp as published in The Seattle Times Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s actions show his priority is to fossil-fuels companies and whether they will be able to profitably access the public lands they’ve long relied on for cheap natural resources. Shortly after taking office in March, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke declared his department would […]

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