This is perhaps the only formal war where one of the belligerents was not human, but rather avian. In 1932, the emu population in Australia was growing out of control, with an estimated 20,000 emus running around the Australian desert and causing havoc among crops. In response, the Australian military sent out a task force […]

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IDB reports show that over 60 percent of food is destroyed during the stages of production, storage, and transportation. The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has convinced some of the world’s leading food companies to adopt its Latin American and Caribbean campaign against regional food loss and waste. United behind the hashtag #SinDesperdicio (#WithoutWaste), producers such […]

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The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) National Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board meeting in Salt Lake City concluded today, and once again, this Advisory Board voted to recommend that the BLM kill large numbers of wild horses & burros, and to sell other wild horses & burros without restriction (including international sales and adoptions) […]

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By Dale Kasler as published on The Sacramento Bee “…animals that are at least 10 years old will be put up for sale “without limitation” for $1 apiece if they aren’t adopted within 30 days…” A controversial roundup of 1,000 wild horses, some of which could wind up being sold for slaughter, began Wednesday in […]

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Source: Return to Freedom BLM intends to remove about 652 wild horses from the 475,460-acre Warm Springs Herd Management Area… The Bureau of Land Management has captured 226 wild horses and six burros and eight animals have died during the first three days of a helicopter roundup preceding a planned sterilization study of about 100 […]

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by George Wuerthner as published on The Wildlife News “There is probably no activity that does more damage to our public lands, and in particular, degrades our wilderness areas, than livestock production…” Livestock grazing occurs on some 260 million acres of federal lands, including lands administered by the Forest Service (FS), Bureau of Land Management […]

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