Source: Multiple “I have known each of these horses since they were tiny foals…I know all of their names,” Wildlife advocates on Wednesday asked a federal judge in Montana to stop a planned mustang roundup they argue would destroy the genetic viability of a herd descended from the mounts of Spanish conquistadors. The Bureau of […]

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Source: Wild Hoofbeats Breaking News: On July 19, 2018 the House of Representatives passed a Fiscal Year 2019 Appropriations Bill. By Carol Walker, Director of Field Documentation, Wild Horse Freedom Federation The Bill included an amendment by Representative Chris Stewart of Utah which authorizes the Bureau of Land Management to manage all wild horses and […]

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The Bureau of Land Management Lays Out the Plan to Manage Wild Horses and Burros to Extinction By Debbie Coffey and Carol Walker, Wild Horse Freedom Federation 4/30/18 The BLM has submitted a report to Congress “Management Options for a Sustainable Wild Horse and Burro Program” with recommendations on managing the wild horses and […]

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Call to action: The House Appropriations Committee has scheduled its “mark up” on the spending bill for the Interior Department, including the BLM’s Wild Horse & Burro Program, this Wednesday, June 6 starting at 10 am Eastern. We just learned that Rep. Chris Stewart (R-Utah) will introduce an amendment recommending permanent sterilization of wild equines on the […]

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While the BLM moves heaven and earth to to roundup the remaining wild horses & burros in the West, grants more and more permits to the extractive industries, and spares no expense for things like flying BLM personnel to the Slaughter Summit in Utah, they just can’t seem to find a way to delay the […]

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SOURCE: SEATTLE TIMES A WAR OVER WOLVES Outspoken researcher says his university and lawmakers silenced and punished him By Lynda V. Mapes, Seattle Times environment reporter By a slow slide of river deep in Washington’s wolf country, Robert Wielgus laughs at the tattoo on his arm of Four Claws, the grizzly that almost killed him. […]

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