Plastic Polution in our oceans is devastating. A swarm of innumerable colored plastic scraps floats towards the diver!

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Great White Hunters Congratulating Themselves After Shooting These Beautiful Grizzly Bears

Looks like bear killing in British Columbia, Canada, is in full swing.

In Alaska , too. What a waste!

These dead Grizzlies are referred to as ‘trophies’ by these kind of of people!

This is basically wanton killing for killing sake. Tell your governments in British Columbia and Alaska you don’t want this…


SOURCE: “Public lands ranchers have always hated the trees. Just like native predators are killed as rancher enemies, native trees (and sage) take up space where grass might grow so they must be destroyed. In all of these projects, BLM ballyhoos wildfire suppression benefits, ignoring that deforestation creates hotter, drier, windier, weedier sites with longer fire […]

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Japan to resume whaling in July 2019

The Japanese government decided to resume whaling in July of this year, reasoning that the world whale populations have stabilized.

In it’s peak whaling year, 1964, Japan slaughtered 24,000 whales.  In recent years Japan has focused on Antarctic and Offshore Mink and other whale hunting. Japan also buys whale meat from Iceland.

Japan has been criticized recently for trying to grow the whale consumption market by promoting consumption to young people. Whale meat is also used for pet food in Japan.

People who are are concerned about this turnabout should support the boycott of Japanese manufactured goods; particularly motor vehicles and electronics.



Human Wrongs Watch Doha, Qatar, 13 April 2015 – With wildlife and forest crimes on the rise, yielding enormous profits for criminal networks, United Nations high-level officials at a major anti-crime meeting under way in Doha, Qatar, stressed the gravity of the scourge, saying that it fuels violence, corrupts supply chains and undermines the rule […]

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Richard Luscombe (The Guardian) reports on the endangered Florida panther, whose hunting and roaming—essential to its survival—may be further curtailed by new construction, thus hastening its extinction. Rising waters both in the ocean and the Everglades also threaten the rare panther. Already, as recently as 2015, the Eastern cougar was declared extinct. Luscombe writes: The extinction of the endangered Florida panther […]

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