Florida Sewage Dumped into Ocean…

== Leak from massive Miami ocean sewage pipe left unfixed for a year | Miami Herald UPDATED JULY 31, 2017 11:00 PM A massive ocean outfall pipe intended to dump partially treated human waste in deep water far from Miami has instead been leaking in shallow water within a mile of tony Fisher […]

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Bird Thought To Be Extinct Making Positive Progress Today

Proves it can be done…

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Press Release form American Bird Conservancy

Bird Once Thought Extinct for Over 300 Years Now Numbers.

 The recovery program for a bird once believed extinct, the Bermuda Petrel, also locally called the Cahow, has reached a major milestone. More than 100 nesting pairs now exist in the wild.

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Very bad for bees, butterflies and humans…indeed! We still have a long way to go, apparently.

An EU vote approving the use of a controversial weedkiller for another five years triggered an immediate backlash from Paris and Rome, and is poisoning German politics on the eve of grand coalition talks. After more than two years of fierce political debate over whether glyphosate causes cancer, EU countries on Monday voted to renew the license […]

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The Spanish government is challenging a decision by its main electricity provider to shut down two coal-fired power plants. An attitude that contravenes the Paris Agreement on climate change. The Spanish government has engaged in a strange stand-off over Iberdrola’s plan to phase out coal, announced at climate talks in Bonn last week. The […]

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More on North Atlantic Right Whales…

After decades of recovery, right whales are now under threat from industrial fishing One of the more hopeful ecological narratives of recent years- the slow restoration of numbers of the North Atlantic right whale- has taken a disastrous turning for the worse. Marine biologists help find their population has plunged abruptly in the past few […]

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Bees under siege!

As POTUS 45 rolls back environmental protections, climate change is sickening the Earth, us and the species we depend on. The rusty patched bumble bee probably would have preferred to remain in obscurity, humming from one flowering plant to another, pollinating away and quietly contributing to the estimated $3 billion in pollination services bees and […]

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