In recent weeks and months, I’ve blogged about the effects of plastic in our environment and what we can do as consumers to reduce the amount that is used and disposed of. I’ve blogged about the size of the garbage patch floating in the Pacific Ocean and the effect that plastic is having on climate […]

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We’ve all seen the heartbreaking photos of animals being caught up in plastic waste and often killed. We’ve all seen the reports of whales, dolphins, birds and other marine animals washing up dead on beaches with stomachs full of plastic bags and other objects. Just last week, a pregnant sperm whale washed up on a […]

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The number of migratory birds coming in from Siberia has declined drastically over the past three decades. Around 150,000 birds, including local and migratory waterfowl, were estimated to have landed at 12 aquatic ‘stopovers’, which is 70% less than in 2017-2018, according to a survey conducted during the winter season. The migratory birds usually arrive […]

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Nicole Acevedo (NBC News) reports on a proposal by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez requesting environmentally a safer military cleanup in Vieques, Puerto Rico, where the U.S. Navy has been using open-air detonation chambers to try to clean up ordnance that contain toxins such as Agent Orange, depleted uranium and mercury. The U.S. House approved an amendment presented by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, […]

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