Youth around the world want to talk to you about climate changeWATCH NOW Today, young people around the world are delivering an urgent message to us all: climate change is a global emergency and we need to work together to solve it.Lend your support to the Youth Climate Strike by watching and sharing this video, featuring some […]

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Extraction also causes 80% of biodiversity loss according to comprehensive UN study, Jonathan Watts, The Guardian ‘However, they said this dire scenario could be avoided if there is a faster transition towards renewables, smarter urban planning to reduce the demand for concrete, dietary changes to lower the need for grazing pastures and cut levels of […]

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Witbank is not “White” anymore. You can not see anything there. Coal power stations are the biggest culprits in the hotspot area. Greenpeace says an analysis of sophisticated satellite data shows Mpumalanga as the “worst” nitrogen dioxide (NO2) air pollution hotspot across six continents. It has been reported before that the Witbank area has […]

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Link to Full Article The controversial Rocky Hill coalmine in the Hunter Valley will not go ahead after a landmark ruling in the land and environment court on Friday that cited the impact it would have had on climate change. Chief judge Brian Preston dismissed an appeal by Gloucester Resources, which was seeking to overturn […]

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More evidence that the Australian and Adani dream of selling coal to India is just a fantasy. India is increasingly shifting towards green energy Simon Mundy of the Financial Times reports that Indian power companies spent much of the past decade rushing to build coal-fired power plants in anticipation of surging electricity demand as economic […]

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