The majority of people don´t have desert camping ranked very high on their list of places to pitch a tent. Though thanks to popular movies in recent years like Tracks and Queen of the Desert, many travelers have become charmed by the idea of romantic jaunts into barren wastelands with nothing but a water bottle, […]

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Tourists explore the Ancient Sand Dunes of Tottori. The dunes have existed for over 100,000 years but are now decreasing due to a post-war government reforestation program and concrete barriers erected to protect the coast from tsunamis.

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Colorado River Touches Pacific for First Time in Years

Thanks to some innovative thinking, certain dams on the river have been allowed to spill over into the river providing enough volume to reach the river’s final destination — The Pacific Ocean.

Years of development in Colorado, New Mexico and California have pushed the demand for the Colorado’s river water beyond the river’s ability to keep up. Agricultural demand is the big draw off on the great river that created the Grand Canyon and other unforgettable features. A general western drought in recent years has not helped the situation.

But, hope is eternal!


The Desert Sun reports A bill signed Wednesday evening by Gov. Gavin Newsom will require Cadiz Inc.’s Mojave Desert groundwater pumping project to undergo further review to prove it will not harm the surrounding environment. The bill, SB 307, was authored by Sen. Richard Roth, D-Riverside, and cleared the Assembly earlier this month. It requires the State Lands Commission […]

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ScienceDaily reports Researchers have shown for the first time the detrimental effect of wildfires on moths and the ecological benefits they provide by transporting pollen, making interacting plant and insect communities more vulnerable to local extinctions. Read story at Wildfires disrupt important pollination processes by moths and increase extinction risks — ScienceDaily

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