New Land Acquisition For Anza-Borrego — Natural History Wanderings

from the Anza-Borrego Foundation As most of you know, as part of our mission, Anza-Borrego Foundation acquires privately owned parcels within the Park boundaries to make the Park ‘whole’. The transfer of 17,597 acres from the Anza-Borrego Foundation (ABF) to the Park, one of the largest land transfers by a nonprofit cooperating association in California State Parks’ history, was approved in a session […]

New Land Acquisition For Anza-Borrego — Natural History Wanderings

Massive Saharan Dust Plume Heads Toward U.S. After Darkening Skies Over Caribbean JUN 25, 2020 In the Caribbean, a massive dust plume from the Sahara Desert has darkened skies and forced residents with respiratory illness to shelter indoors. Models show haze will soon settle over much of the United States, bringing hazardous air quality to […]

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Human Wrongs Watch By Baher Kamal* ROME, Nov 20 2016 (IPS) – Desertification, land degradation, drought, climate change, food insecurity, poverty, loss of biodiversity, forced migration and conflicts, are some of the key challenges facing Africa—a giant continent home to 1,2 billion people living in 54 countries. Tera, Bajirga, Niger – Women at work for […]

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Combat Desertification and Drought One of the biggest and least understood environmental challenges facing the globe, desertification refers to the irreversible degradation of soil through human activities such as deforestation, unsustainable farming, mining and overgrazing. It occurs when trees and root systems that bind the soil are removed, exposing topsoil to erosion, and when unsustainable […]

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