Environment Minister Ángel Estévez has called on all supermarket chains to start eliminating the use of plastics, “after tons of trash blanketed on the capital’s coast over the weekend, dragged by a storm’s rains,” underlining that “we are polluting the new generations and this must change.” He also warned the business sector to reduce the […]

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Dominican Today reports that the Dominican Republic’s minister of the environment Ángel Estévez warned business leaders of the need to reduce plastics in the country. [Could this be the right moment to say, “Duh”? Anyway, we should all heed his words… and then do something about it.] “We must reduce the use of plastics in […]

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Asia Pacific falling behind on two thirds of SDG targets —

eco-business.com A UN report on the region’s lack of progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 is disheartening. What’s going wrong? Asian countries are the world’s top plastic polluters, yet there is no official indicator to measure targets for life below water (Goal 14) in Asia-Pacific. Image: Shutterstock CC 2.0 By Alaine Johnson Tuesday 15 May 2018 […]

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Jamaican Students Participate in Second Annual Plastic-thon (collecting plastic garbage)!

Thousands of students in north-west Trinidad are scouring their neighbourhoods and school environs, for plastic that has been dumped in the streets or earmarked for the dustbin at home, in a bid to collect the most plastic. They are participating in the second annual Plasti-thon, a plastic recycling competition for schools, launched by the environmental NGO, […]

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Ways to Reduce Plastic Use, Cayman…

A report from Loop Cayman. Plastic is used for packaging almost every item we buy, from vegetables to food, to clothing and more. And it’s killing our planet. However, we can still act to cut down on how much plastic we use in our daily lives. Here are 10 ways to cut down on plastic use […]

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New Yorkers Doing Something About Plastic Bags!

What happens when you blend politics and activism with bodega proprietors and artists? An environmental motion to stop plastic purse utilize. Vote With Your Tote was launched by a pro bono team of creatives and environmental experts in New York City. Their goal is to combat the city’s growing toxic waste problem by reducing the […]

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