Jamaican Students Participate in Second Annual Plastic-thon (collecting plastic garbage)!

Thousands of students in north-west Trinidad are scouring their neighbourhoods and school environs, for plastic that has been dumped in the streets or earmarked for the dustbin at home, in a bid to collect the most plastic. They are participating in the second annual Plasti-thon, a plastic recycling competition for schools, launched by the environmental NGO, […]

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Ways to Reduce Plastic Use, Cayman…

A report from Loop Cayman. Plastic is used for packaging almost every item we buy, from vegetables to food, to clothing and more. And it’s killing our planet. However, we can still act to cut down on how much plastic we use in our daily lives. Here are 10 ways to cut down on plastic use […]

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New Yorkers Doing Something About Plastic Bags!

What happens when you blend politics and activism with bodega proprietors and artists? An environmental motion to stop plastic purse utilize. Vote With Your Tote was launched by a pro bono team of creatives and environmental experts in New York City. Their goal is to combat the city’s growing toxic waste problem by reducing the […]

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One of the most dangerous man-made creations and a deathtrap for many, plastic is destroying the global ecosystem and its inhabitants. This World Earth Day 2018, let’s take a look at how plastic affects our planet and what we can do, to stop its damaging effects.

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Plastic Management and Pollution On Commonwealth Agenda…

Representatives of the 53 Commonwealth countries meet in London to discuss world-related issues. Plastic pollution and management of plastic products is on the agenda.

Straws, bags, bottles, and other plastic crap are accumulating by the ton on a daily basis in every ocean of the world, starting from the plastic-clogged waterways in many, many countries.

Litter finds its way onto the world’s beaches and in giant swirls in the centre of the oceans driven round and round by the ocean currents.

Birds, fish and whales consume this stuff, resulting in a slow and painful death…Countries need to work cooperatively to curb and correct this growing and seriously menacing problem!


A Plastic Eating Mutant to Save the World from Plastic Garbage???

Plastic has been taking over our world for a while now. You may not think too much about it , but plastic is a global crisis. A recent rundown in The National Review reveals that more than 8 million tons of plastic is regularly deposited in the ocean. It’s killing sea life, jeopardizing coral reefs, […]

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Every Minute of Every Day the Equivalent of one truckload of plastic enters the sea!

Human Wrongs Watch By Jen Fela* 13 April 2018 (Greenpeace International)* — I love the ocean, but for years I haven’t been able to visit a beach without seeing the effects of plastic pollution. Microplastics mix with seashells in the sand. Plastic bags roll down the beach. Foam cups break down in the surf.

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