An attempt to transform the Irish landscape with nature’s own carbon captors will see 22 million trees planted every year for the next 20 years. The ambitious plan is the equivalent of planting more than 6,000 Croke Park pitches every year until 2040. If successful, the area of land under trees could increase by 20 […]

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Trees are so important for our planet, from giving us the oxygen we breathe, absorbing Co2, providing food, and homes for wild life – we can’t live without them. Yet, billions of trees are cut down each year to make room for agricultural land, development, or paper. Trees are one of our best defences against […]

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Have you ever considered travelling around the world to volunteer with wildlife? Well you can! There are currently 173 opportunities in the world where you can participate in wildlife conservation projects. Wildlife conservation abroad is an incredible opportunity to help animals that are threatened by habitat loss and human influences. These locations offer the chance […]

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