“As new disease wipes out Caribbean coral, scientists tear up reefs to stop the spread.” In this article from September 26, Lucas Jackson and Chris Prentice (Reuters) report on the urgent efforts of scientists to save coral reefs in St. Thomas (U.S. Virgin Islands) from fast-moving, lethal disease: Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease. Off the […]

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Paige McCartney (The Nassau Guardian) quotes a recently released World Bank report on marine litter concentration in the Caribbean: The marine litter concentration in The Bahamas and the rest of the Caribbean is nearly three times the global average. The world average for litter concentration stands at 573 pieces of plastic or waste items per […]

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The full title of this article by Jada Stewart (Global Voices) is “Tobago’s coral bleaching alert makes it clear there is ‘no alternative’ to fighting the climate crisis.” Stewart reports that the island’s reefs are on “Bleaching Alert Level One”—not good, as studies show that coral reefs protect around 90 per cent of Tobago’s shoreline from wave-induced erosion […]

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