“New Research Finds Ocean Warming Forces Reefs Into Cool-Water Refuges,” is an older article (October 24, 2019) from Newsroom, but still relevant. It focuses on scientific studies from Florida Tech that track how climate change will shift the geography of coral growth. The studies find, for instance, that global warming is shifting which environments off […]

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A report by Daphne Ewing-Chow for Forbes. In 2016, global plastic waste amounted to some 242 million metric tons. Of this, 137 million tonnes (or more than 57%) originated in East Asia, the Pacific, Europe, Central Asia and North America, much of which made its way into the ocean. In 2015, the Journal of Science surveyed […]

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The article “Local experts, international organizations discuss marine pollution, a blue economy” (Dominican Today) says that representatives of international agencies that comprise the Donors Roundtable chaired by the World Bank had a dialogue on the necessity to address marine pollution through policies to control the use of plastic in the Dominican Republic. The conversations included […]

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Having already developed the first parametric insurance policy to insure and enhance the resilience of a coral reef section of the Mesoamerican Reef in Mexico, The Nature Conservancy (TNC) is now looking to expand the product’s reach into Florida and Hawaii.

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Numerous studies support the theory that climate change is contributing in an extraordinary way to the deterioration of the marine ecosystem. The scientists of Australian Research Council, at James Cook University, recently sounded the alarm after verifying that the Great Australian Barrier Reef is destroyed by leaps and bounds. The so-called “whitening” of coral is […]

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