The BBC reports It’s been a good year for migrant butterflies, moths and dragonflies in the UK, according to a review of 2019 by the National Trust. The charity says warm and wet weather saw the biggest influx of painted lady butterflies in a decade. But the impacts of drought and wildfires in some parts […]

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Create, Conserve, Protect… The Monarch butterfly migration is a phenomenon, mainly across North America, where millions of Monarchs (Danaus plexippus) migrate from the United States and Canada to mountains in central Mexico, where they wait out the winter until conditions favor a return flight in the spring. Eastern Monarchs spend summers east of the Rocky Mountain […]

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Belenois aurota The Brown-veined White could probably be South Africa’s most commonly seen butterfly, occurring throughout the year and migrating in their millions between December and February away from areas of overcrowding in the arid west towards the Mozambique Channel, laying batches of around 20 eggs at their point of departure and along the way […]

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During my recent Wildwings birding tour I naturally enough took some time out for butterflies when the opportunity arose. The highlight came while we were exploring the Emli Valley in Aladaglar National Park, when I came across clusters of mud puddling blue butterflies that contained a number of new (for me) regional species. I had […]

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