Wildlife populations declined by an average of 60% over the last four decades

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The San Francisco Chronicle reports In 1981 the Xerces Society, a nonprofit environmental organization that focuses on invertebrate conservation, counted more than 1 million western monarchs wintering in California. The group’s most recent count, over Thanksgiving weekend, recorded less than 30,000 butterflies — an 86-percent decline since 2017 alone. Researchers with the group called the number “disturbingly […]

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The large swallowtail butterfly, now named Papilio natewa, was first photographed in 2017 by Australian ornithologist Greg Kerr, working with Operation Wallacea. From the University of Oxford in England: New species of Swallowtail butterfly discovered in Fiji October 30, 2018 A spectacular new butterfly species has been discovered on the Pacific Island of Vanua Levu […]

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By Damian Carrington as published on The Guardian The huge loss is a tragedy in itself but also threatens the survival of civilization, say the world’s leading scientists Humanity has wiped out 60% of mammals, birds, fish and reptiles since 1970, leading the world’s foremost experts to warn that the annihilation of wildlife is now an […]

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British Butterflies are disappearing!

  Butterflies are the canary of our environment to a great  degree. National butterfly counts continue to indicate specific species in decline, particularly impacting on certain ones, like the Small Tortoiseshell and the Highbrown Fastillary (close to extinction?). Habitat loss, and habitat fragmentation, interrupt the balance on a delicate and complex food chain.

     In September, you can see up to 37 varieties of butterflies in Britain, still!

     You can learn much more, and you can help support butterfly conservation efforts, by checking out  British Butterflies at http://www.britishbutterflies.co.uk.

     The butterflies need your help…