Novice Butterfly — de Wets Wild

Amauris ochlea The Novice is a foul-tasting butterfly that flies slowly and settles often on flowers and wilting plants. It inhabits forests and dense woodlands and the edges of these. Adults have a wingspan of 7cm and are on the wing throughout the year. In South Africa it is common along the Kwazulu-Natal coast and […]

Novice Butterfly — de Wets Wild

Poem 26 Hope for the Forests of Hope. — NavasolaNature

Hope for the Future, Forests of Hope.BirdLife International joins 20 leading conservation groups – the ‘WC20’ ahead of this weekend’s G20 Leaders’ Summit to warn that COVID-19 highlights need for urgent action – and urge that investing in nature costs a fraction of pandemic response, while driving green jobs and tackling climate change. Bird Life […]

Poem 26 Hope for the Forests of Hope. — NavasolaNature

The Flying Handkerchief / Mocker Swallowtail Butterfly, South Africa — de Wets Wild

Papilio dardanus Not only is the Mocker Swallowtail one of the biggest and most beautiful butterflies to be found in South Africa, but it can also be one of the most confusing! The males, also known as Flying Handkerchiefs, boast extravagantly shaped wings with striking black and cream-white markings, while the females are excellent at […]

The Flying Handkerchief / Mocker Swallowtail Butterfly — de Wets Wild

World Wildlife Day 2021, South Africa — de Wets Wild

What better excuse to take another look at the 83 species of South African wildlife that we featured here at de Wets Wild in the past year than World Wildlife Day? Beautiful African Leopard (Phalanta-butterfly) Village Weaver (male) Single-striped Grass Mouse Violet-backed Starling Rainbow Skink (male) Gaudy Commodore (dry season form) Brown Snake Eagle Common […]

World Wildlife Day 2021 — de Wets Wild

Western Monarch Population Closer to Extinction as the Wait Continues for Monarchs’ Protection Under the Endangered Species Act  — Natural History Wanderings

Xerces Society News Release During the 24th Western Monarch Thanksgiving Count, nearly 100 volunteers donned their masks and practiced social distancing to carefully survey groves of trees on the California and Northern Baja coast for monarch butterflies. Despite the challenges of conducting field work during a pandemic, volunteers surveyed 246 sites, three more sites than […]

Western Monarch Population Closer to Extinction as the Wait Continues for Monarchs’ Protection Under the Endangered Species Act  — Natural History Wanderings

Summertide Butterfly Rambles 20 January 2021 — de Wets Wild

The trail to the kuMfazana Hide here on the eastern shores of Lake St. Lucia, in the iSimangaliso Wetland Park, passes through a stretch of swamp forest that is positively bursting with butterflies, like this Novice (Amauris ochlea). Novice (Amauris ochlea) Novice (Amauris ochlea)

Summertide Rambles 20 January 2021 — de Wets Wild

Forest Beauty — de Wets Wild

Paralethe dendrophilus The Forest Beauty or Forest Pride is, as its name suggests, a beautiful butterfly inhabiting temperate coastal and mountain forests in eastern South Africa, from the Eastern Cape to the escarpment of Mpumalanga and Limpopo. It is a shy butterfly that flies low and fast and hides in the shade, usually against a […]

Forest Beauty — de Wets Wild

Patrician Blue Butterfly— de Wets Wild

Lepidochrysops patricia With a wingspan of 4.5cm, the Patrician Blue is one of the largest members of the family. Patrician Blues are rare in the Western Cape and occurs only in the eastern-most reaches of the Northern Cape, but otherwise occur commonly all over our seven other provinces. They have a wide habitat tolerance, occurring […]

Patrician Blue — de Wets Wild

African Migrant Butterfly — de Wets Wild

Catopsilia florella The African Migrant is one of the most widespread butterflies occurring in South Africa and can be found in every corner of the country in an extensive variety of habitats, reaching their highest densities in savanna areas. Adults are on the wing throughout the year. This species is well known for its migrating […]

African Migrant — de Wets Wild

Common Diadem — de Wets Wild

Hypolimnas misippus The Common Diadem is a large butterfly with a wingspan of 6 to 8cm. The males are distinctive with a velvety black and blue sheen and striking white blotches to the top of their wings, while the females are excellent mimics of the notoriously foul-tasting African Monarch, which supposedly aids in evading predators. […]

Common Diadem — de Wets Wild