New Wildlife Species-Malaysia…

This video says about itself: 16 September 2017 Incredible nature and landscapes at Penang Hill in Penang, Malaysia. This beautiful area has a cable car/funicular which takes you up to the top of the mountain. From the top you can go on scenic walks to see wildlife, butterflies and walk through tropical jungles. From the […]

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New Butterfly Species Found!

From ScienceDaily: New butterfly species discovered in Russia with an unusual set of 46 chromosomes November 27, 2017 Summary: Finding a new species is a rare event in easy-to-see and well-studied organisms like butterflies, especially if they inhabit well-explored areas such as Europe. Researchers have now discovered the previously unknown South-Russian blue using an array […]

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Help for Netherlands Butterflies.

This video shows white admiral butterflies in Sang en Goorkens nature reserve in North Brabant province in the Netherlands. Dutch Vroege Vogels radio reported on 16 October 2017 that refugees, living in the refugee centre in Oisterwijk in North Brabant province, are helping to create a better habitat for white admiral butterflies. The refugees help other […]

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What the Lack of Great Lakes Ice Coverage Means — Midwestern Plants

Originally posted on THE UP NORTH READER: To call it a mild winter would be putting it, well, mildly. As our current mid-winter warmup rolls on, those in the upper Midwest are either rejoicing at the unseasonable temperatures or are dreading the impact that it will have on the outdoor industries—namely skiing, sledding and snowmobiling.…

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Endangered Species Act!

National Geographic reports The U.S. Endangered Species Act has saved more than 200 species from extinction—but business and political interests want to scuttle it. Read story at Inside the Effort to Kill Protections for Endangered Animals

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Butterflies Need Help!

The Xerces Society has started project to help Monarch Butterflies and their host plants, Milkweeds. Monarch Populations across North America have been in serious decline. This project is part of a collaborative effort to map and better understand monarch butterflies and their host plants across the Western U.S. Data compiled through this project will improve […]

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