SUDAN! The LAST Northern Male White Rhino, has died!

Sudan, the last Northern male White Rhino in the world has died at his home under guard for his protection in Nairobi. The above photo is not Sudan, but is a representative of the species. There are two Northern White females still in existence, progeny of Sudan, who will be used for artificial insemination purposes, utilizing stored semen to ensure that the species will not entirely die out.

Sudan was the last Northern white rhino born in the wild , 45 years ago, was previous resident in a Czech zoo, subsequently transferred to a special breeding program under strict supervision and armed protection to Kenya where he spent his last years.


SOS, a grim warning carved out of a palm oil plantation…

Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic has carved a giant SOS message into an Indonesian palm oil plantation, as part of a campaign on the impact of such plantations on tribal communities and endangered species. The giant SOS signal, which the artist completed last month, runs for about a half-kilometre inside a plantation in North Sumatra, and can […]

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Wild Dogs of Asia!

Dholes (Cuon alpinus) are a species of wild dog found across Central, South, Southeast and East Asia. They share their habitat with Tigers (Panthera tigris) and are reputed to be very aggressive in their interactions with the big cats. Stories of Dhole packs hunting down Tigers in the forests of India have become part of […]

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Leopards of India!

Leopards (Panthera pardus), or panthers (as they were more popularly known a few decades ago) are the commonest of big cats in India. The Indian subspecies (Panthera pardus fusca), distributed across the subcontinent might have as many as 14,000 individuals (as of 2016), far more than all the tigers, lions, snow leopards and clouded leopards […]

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A Leopard on a branch dramatically back-lit…

Leopards are graceful and powerful big cats closely related to lions, tigers, and jaguars. They live in sub-Saharan Africa, northeast Africa, Central Asia, India, and China. However, many of their populations are endangered, especially outside of Africa. The leopard is so strong and comfortable in trees that it often hauls its kills into the branches. […]

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